Lexi Bard Songs and Perks: DJ Mix Tape

Not every Bard is stuck to a single genre, so here is a variety of Perks and Songs that might appeal to a bard.

90’s Witch by Michał Sałata


Perk: Can’t Touch This– Bonus to AC equal to number of remaining MD.

Perk: Red Right Hand- You deal an additional amount of fire damage equal to your remaining MD for the day.

Perk: Overtone Singing– You can keep up the effects of two songs simultaneously, however you get a Bad Vibe on a roll of 1-3 instead of just a 1.

Perk: Dirge- Any morale checks rolled while you are playing a song have a penalty equal to your remaining MD.

Perk: Back Up Dancers- If another member of the party do nothing but dance to your music on their turn, they can nullify a Bad Vibe. 

Perk: Circular Breathing- You only lose the intensity of a song if hit for max damage on a die.

Perk: Subsonic Vibrations– Your music can affect and be perceived even by deaf creatures and isn’t affected by magical silence.

Perk: Rick Roll– You can disguise your song as any other song but on a bad vibe it immediately evokes extreme revulsion in all those who hear it.

Perk:MONTAGE-  Once per week expend all of your Music Dice to retroactively have completed training or preparation for “just such an occasion.” You may either apply Dice bonus to any check or have [sum] GP worth of equipment relevant to the task at hand. At 4 MD you may also condense the time of a single scene (a single combat, travel, or similar event) and make the outcome’s success or failure a 50/50 coin flip.

Bard by hendry iwanaga


The Show Must Go On – The beat is so strong that even the most broken body can’t help but continue on.
1- Targets heal Intensity each round.
2- Targets Ignore Exhaustion and Stress Effects for duration of song.
3- Targets may reroll against an ongoing negative effects.
4- As Long as song continues, ignore all affects of Damage, when song ends all damage occurs at once.

I Wanna Dance With Somebody– Targets minds and bodies distracted and swept up by the power of music.
1- Targets are distracted and take a -2 to all actions
2- Targets take a -4 to actions unless targeting Bard
3. Targets save or can do nothing but dance
4. Bard can make targets as a group dance in a direction up to their movement speed. Save again if this would put them into harm’s way.

Private Eyes Target loudly proclaims [SUM] truths. A target can ignore this effect if they use both hands to cover their mouth.
1- Surface Thoughts
2- Minor Secrets
3- Damning information
4- Innermost Fears/Locked Memories

The Bitch is Back– The target views the Bard as their worst fear come to life.
1- Target takes 1d6 Stress
2- Target Takes 1d6 more stress and affected by Terror
3- Target takes 1d6 More stress and affected by Horror
4- Target Cracks at disadvantage.

Magic Man- Your music slowly makes its listeners zealous fans of you.
1- Reroll reaction dice
2- Intelligent targets understand the party regardless of language barriers.
3- Targets treat the party as though they were trusted allies.
4- Targets Save or become Groupies for the Bard for 1d6 hours.

Run Like Hell– Listeners can’t help but quicken with the beat.
1- Double Move Speed
2- Targets have +2 to their Dex Bonus for song duration
3- Affected Targets double attacks of actions per round
4- Affected Targets move so quickly that any physical attack has a 50% chance of hitting an afterimage.

Hungry Like A Wolf– Some songs can bring the beast out in you.
1- Targets can smell as well as they can see in bright light.
2- Targets can follow a scent trail that is Intensity weeks old.
3- Targets gain a 1d6 Bite attack. (If target already has bite attack increase die size)
4- Targets transform into Dire Wolves

You Drop A Bomb on Me Baby- Your music draws the firmament down from the skies. All targets within hearing take IntensityD6 damage per round as various objects (twigs, rocks, birds etc.) fall from the sky and pelt the targets. Save vs. Dex for half. If a shield or reinforce umbrella is held over head, Save negates damage. At 4 Intensity, a small meteorites drops and deals 4d6 Damage in a 50′ explosive burst and ends the song.

I’m Still Standing- No one can stay down when they hear this song.
1- Prone targets may immediately stand without using up movement
2- Targets cannot be tripped
3-  Targets ignores affects that would cripple their ability to move.
4- The target is completely immovable, a wrecking ball could strike it and it would remain in place. The target still takes the damage, but cannot be moved from their position.

Rock Lobster- Every round invested into this spell calls deeper into the depths of the sea. Once released an Intensity HD ROCK LOBSTER manifests and attacks anyone who isn’t dancing. The lobster remains for [Sum] Rounds and is not otherwise under the control of the Bard. It continuously yells “ROCK LOBSTER.”

1-4 HD
Appearance: A giant slate-gray lobster
Wants: To Wreck You, to scream “ROCK LOBSTER” over and over again
Armour: Plate
Move: 1/2 Normal
Morale: 12
Damage: Claw/Claw 1d6+HD
Grab- A target hit for max damage by a Claw attack is grabbed and crushed for Claw damage automatically each round. Strength save to escape.

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