GLOG Class: The Reclaimer, Plus A Delta

WARNING! This Class potentially holds spoilers for the Horror/Drama Podcast Ghost Wax Reclaimers are or were the sanctioned necromancers of the Order of the Hamsa–an ancient organization dedicated to the elimination of supernatural threats to humanity. Reclaiming specifically is less its own school of magic and more a specific philosophy dealing with the application of […]

Commission: D10 Potted Plants and their Opinions on the Office Workers

For PW– I suppose this might be handy if you somehow cast Speak with Plants in an office environment. Delta Green perhaps? Succulent–  Yeah, I guess Steve is alright. Waters me a bit too often and his opinions about the ‘shape of time’ is a little nutty. But I’m in better shape than Aloe at […]

d100+ Weird Goats

My newest book, Bridgtown, has lots of goats. Here’s a few of them! D2  Call Meh AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH   D4 Size Little Gruff Middle Gruff Big Gruff KAIJU GRUFF D6 Purpose Meat/Skin Milk/Dairy Products Fur/Wool Scrub maintenance /Trash Disposal Guard Goat Companionship D8 Personality Grumpy but lovable Dangerously curious Strong Willed and LOUD Incredibly Lazy and […]

Constellation Volume 1: RPG Zine Anthology

Constellation Volume 1: RPG Zine Anthology Hello Everyone! Sorry for having gone quiet for a while, my creative energies have been focused on a secret Troika project with Technical Grimoire and getting ready for Constellation Volume 1! 12 Delicious Zines compiled by Hitpoint Press into a beautiful hardback edition. That’s right folks! No more bent […]

d100 Crazy Castle Generator

1d2 Haunted? Absolutely Undeniably  1d4 Size Tower Keep Palace Complex Megastructure  1d6 Topography Hill/Cliff Cave Island Lowland/Plains Marsh/Swamp Forest 1d8 Title of Nominal Owner– Could very well be ruined, captured, or otherwise Castellan- Landed Knight Baron/Baroness Viscount/Viscountess Earl/Countess Marquess/Marchioness Duke/Duchess Prince/Princess King/Queen  1d10 Defensive/offensive Features Crocodile/Hippo/Piranha etc. Infested Moat Murder Holes Sally Port Additional Curtain […]