Constellation Volume 1: RPG Zine Anthology

Constellation Volume 1: RPG Zine Anthology Hello Everyone! Sorry for having gone quiet for a while, my creative energies have been focused on a secret Troika project with Technical Grimoire and getting ready for Constellation Volume 1! 12 Delicious Zines compiled by Hitpoint Press into a beautiful hardback edition. That’s right folks! No more bent […]

d100 Crazy Castle Generator

1d2 Haunted? Absolutely Undeniably  1d4 Size Tower Keep Palace Complex Megastructure  1d6 Topography Hill/Cliff Cave Island Lowland/Plains Marsh/Swamp Forest 1d8 Title of Nominal Owner– Could very well be ruined, captured, or otherwise Castellan- Landed Knight Baron/Baroness Viscount/Viscountess Earl/Countess Marquess/Marchioness Duke/Duchess Prince/Princess King/Queen  1d10 Defensive/offensive Features Crocodile/Hippo/Piranha etc. Infested Moat Murder Holes Sally Port Additional Curtain […]

Commission: 20 Reasons This Merc Was Blacklisted

I was asked to come up with 20 rumored reasons that the commissioner’s Forgotten Realms character was blacklisted from all the local mercenary groups. The real reason is because he got a promotion, saw the discrepancy between officer and grunt pay and tried to unionize.  “Y’know that incident like what, two? Three years back? What […]

d100 Things Floating Through Space

100’ tall ultraviolet sarcophagus spewing trails of black ichor from its tear-ducts A pair of mating asteroid-snails, love darts the size of skyscrapers being exchanged A lonely satellite-bound combat AI running armageddon-scenario loops to keep away their boredom A potted petunia Alien Radio Signal, when translated it is a serial drama Field of micro-blackholes Space-Truck […]

Commission: d20 Who Is Driving That Hearse

Dwyane Edwardo Alcott D’ambrisio- D.E.A. D’ambrisio died four centuries ago when his hearse was waylaid by vampires and resurrectionists one evening. Waking up after the attack and finding his carriage empty, D’ambrisio had a nap in the empty coffin then proceeded to hunt down his attackers. His fees are steep and the funerals have to […]