Summoning Gone Wrong: 1d100 Summoning Mishaps

Summoning is not an exact science. Or rather, it is an incredibly exact science that even the smallest deviation can cause countless repercussions. A few too many grains of salt, an imperfect circle, getting the inflection wrong on the incantation. This is why battle-field summoning tends to call only the weakest of extradimensional creatures or […]

Weird Bug Generator

For all sorts of Arthropods, not just insects! by Eugene Gottsnake 1d2 Metamorphosis 1. Doesn’t Metamorphose2. Does Metamorphose- Roll again on the table to determine adult form. 1d4 Locomotion1. Flies2. RUNS3. Burrows4. Swims 1d6 What does it eat?1. Sap2. Plants3. Honey4. Blood5. Living Meat6. Carrion 1d8 Size1. Nearly Microscopic2. Grain of sand3. Pebble4. Half hand5. Full […]

Carnival Mini Games for my Eldritch Americana Campaign

My group of Eldritch Americana waste-wanderers are having a low stakes filler episode at the carnival. Here are some mini games we did while there. Most of the games are rigged. Encourage players to sneakily screw over the carnies at the midway. It is 1908, the Moon is shattered, the Elder Gods have returned and […]