D100 (Mostly) Mundane Collectables

D100 (Mostly) Mundane Collectables My brother requested this one to go with the Cottagecore Generator. Smooth Stones Gemstones Coins (not for spending) Live Insects Pinned Beetles/Butterflies Flowers Paintings Sea Shells Fossils  Books Maps Souvenirs Novelty Figurines  Spices  Sheet Music Instruments Stories Porcelain Dolls Signatures Lockpicking sets Puzzles Vases Clocks Bones Taxidermy Bad Taxidermy Mirrors Plants […]

Commission D20 Quests for Wayward, Enchanted, and Otherwise Misled Knights

Commission: D20 Quests for Wayward, Enchanted, and Otherwise Misled Knights On a quest to close the Ark of the Covenant that someone accidentally left ajar and now all the holy is leaking out. A sacred chalice has been stolen from the ancient temple your order was founded to protect. Said chalice belonged to the wrong […]

Commission: d10 80’s Action Movie Settings for 3 2 1 Action

D10 80’s Action Movie Settings for 3 2 1 Action The mean streets of a city gone belly up as the criminal empire and the debauched police have joined hand-in-hand, abandoning all pretenses and showing their true colors. The deep recesses of a jungle lost to time, crawling with prehistoric monstrosities and nazis that somehow […]

D100+ Cottagecore NPC Generator Plus Magic Items

Like any aesthetic, Cottagecore has its share of problems, largely stemming from co-opted nostalgia and rural life but there are also the considerations of idealized domesticity and neo-colonialism. However, the ideas of appreciating simple things, of making something with your own hands, of sharing and caring for each other, and of allowing anyone of any […]


MOTHER MYCELIUM SENDS HER SPORE-BOIS INTO THE WORLD FOR ADVENTURE   d2 Is it essentially a walking reproduction organ? Yes YES D4 Sentience/Sapience  Non-Sentient/Mindless/P-Zombie  Basic Sentience Collectively Sapient through the Mycelial Hive Mind Individually Sapient, however can connect to a Mycelial Hive Mind d6 Reproduction Method Spontaneous Spore Explosion  Constant shedding of spores Fusion with […]