d100 Things Floating Through Space

  1. 100’ tall ultraviolet sarcophagus spewing trails of black ichor from its tear-ducts
  2. A pair of mating asteroid-snails, love darts the size of skyscrapers being exchanged
  3. A lonely satellite-bound combat AI running armageddon-scenario loops to keep away their boredom
  4. A potted petunia
  5. Alien Radio Signal, when translated it is a serial drama
  6. Field of micro-blackholes
  7. Space-Truck Stop, with attached Hyperspace Hash diner 
  8. Mummified progenitor species corpse
  9. Half a dozen mining robots playing cards with the help of magnets
  10. A 1970’s cosmonaught spacesuit, within there is
    1. An unconscious astronaut
    2. A swarm of sentient bees who think they are an astronaut
    3. Radioactive goop and a screeching skeleton
    4. A desiccated corpse
    5. A desiccated corpse and an alien parasite that grew off of it
    6. Nothing
  11. Colony Seed Ship, its inhabitants 
    1. Are all dead
    2. Have long forgotten they are on a ship
    3. Are helplessly dependent on their robotic/AI caretaker
    4. Have hyper-evolved into something other than human
    5. Are INFESTED
    6. Are miraculously somehow on schedule, on task, and on route
  12. A sphere of antimatter dumped from a cargo hold 
  13. Spaceship Sargasso!
  14. Billboards the size of moons
  15. An escape pod containing
    1. Folks who actually need saving
    2. Two bickering robots
    3. A mutagenic retrovirus and a dozen chimpanzees
    4. Untold hundreds of tentacles
    5. A BFB (Big Fucking Bomb)
    6. Space Pirate Loot
  16. A decommissioned Warp Gate, still covered in Interstellar Police Tape
  17. Transport vessel with emergency beacon activated, they’re carrying
    1. Cube Pigs
    2. Mining Equipment (and Explosives)
    3. Illegal Drugs and/or Weapons
    4. Legal Drugs and/or Weapons?
    5. Fuel
    6. Terraforming Equipment
  18. Space Whale!
  19. Space Squid, Space Whale’s favorite food!
  20. Spaced corpse
  21. A solipistic Boltzmann Brain
  22. Wormhole to the EDGE OF SPACE
  23. Trash Planetoid
  24. Nailclippers 
  25. 2 Tun cask of red wine, Merlot
  26. Abandoned Solar Skiff 
  27. Thermal blankets
  28. A being composed of wings and eyes and fire, the comms scream “DO NOT BE AFRAID”
  29. A black sphere with several high scores displayed on it, invites those who interact with it to “Play The Game”
  30. A space raceway and two dozen high end racing ships traveling at an appreciable faction of the speed of light.
  31. A junk-shuttle crewed by a group of radical anarchist catgirls and a “space wizard” in a hazmat suit. They go on adventures and shit
  32. A friendly disembodied voice that offers LARGE SUMS OF CASH for VERY REASONABLE TASKS. Such as moving this LARGE UNMARKED PACKAGE.
  33. Great fungal strands holding together a field of asteroids
  34. Giant Space Baby
  35. A mini-fridge, for the love of g-d don’t open it!
  36. A seven masted space-schooner piloted by space pirates!
  37. The shattered remains of a failed Dyson swarm
  38. One hundred million Goblins all hugged together around The Core
  39. A blue police call box
  40. A field of cardboard boxes full of fused together niche magazines.
  41. A four-man bounty hunter team who has your name on their wanted posters.
  42. An art installation made up of hundreds of painted asteroids acting as pixels.
  43. A Meat-Ship made from thousands of tons of vat grown tissue, instilled with bio-AI.
  44. A toy from a Galactic Burger’s Junior Space Cadet Meal. 
  45. A Styx-Class Funeral Vessel carrying ten thousand urns and their ashes to a Mausoleum World
  46. An ace pilot frozen in carbonite
  47. A giant prismatic mushroom growing from a rogue moon.
  48. A dog in a very out of date spaceship, she’s very glad you found her.
  49. A capsule on its way to a terraforming project, it contains DNA samples of hundreds of terran animals and a high speed cloning system.
  50. A radio that plays the hits of various decades on repeat. When it collides with something, the impact causes it to change stations. 
  51. A holy sword vacuum welded to a small asteroid.  
  52. A tiny planet inhabited by a tiny prince
  53. An AU tall King on his way to badminton practice
  54. A very lost flutist from the core of the universe
  55. A giant hamster in a giant hamster ball.
  56. A goblin with a fishbowl over their head. Watch out! They have a knife!
  57. A gigantic peach-shaped dreadnought on its way to harass an incompotent hero and their equally comedic allies.
  59. An unexploded Black Hole Bomb
  60. A shard of frozen space-time housing an intergalactic criminal
  61. A vintage dentist chair
  62. A collapsing star on the verge of supernova
  63. Crystal Dragon Space Messiah on their way to a meeting with other Demiurges
  64. A self-contained micro environment growing inside of a force field, looks like a big Mossy ball from the outside
  65. 100 billion skulls
  66. An incredibly rude alien on a space motorcycle. They have a devastatingly powerful kick.
  67. A space circus train Broadcasting calliope music to all nearby shuttles and a list of tour destinations.
  68. A World Turtle on its way to the Nesting Ground.
  69. A region of space that once you’ve left it neither you nor your computer has any recollection of what happened with it.
  70. A penal colony asteroid that is currently in control of the criminal population.
  71. One of the names of G-D etched into a planet sized tablet.
  72. The keys to a 1956 Chevy Corvette
  73. A golden record
  74. A secretly developed and hidden prototype spaceship waiting for a crew of shenanigan prone protagonists.
  75. Space police with a warrant for your arrest, should’ve paid those parking bills!
  76. A roulette wheel shaped casino space station.
  77. The colossal remains of an ancient, derelict super weapon from the Progenitor War.
  78. A space traffic stop, it’s been stuck on red for the past 20 years.
  79. A cargo container full of Twinkies. They’re still edible. 
  80. A cargo container full of cockroaches. They’ve evolved.
  81. A several lightyear wide force field. Broadcasts “Hyperspace Highway Under Construction” when pinged
  82. A satellite containing an artificial afterlife for a dead civilization.
  83. A puzzle box that, when completed, opens into a number of different Quantum Realms (alternate realities) depending upon the configuration.
  84. An enormous drill slowly piercing space-time
  85. A pair of constellations complaining about their lack of inclusion in the Zodiac
  86. An island with all of the Cosmos’ “King Under The Mountain” and “Sleeping Hero” figures entombed within.
  87. A rogue moon made of countless intertwined marble statues.
  88. A seemingly abandoned freighter, full of illicit drugs. Maybe this was a dead drop…what was that sound?
  89. A blackbox from another spacecraft that was long since destroyed. 
  90. The unhatched egg of an unknown alien species. 
  91. A mathematics text book, “Geometric Topology for Children”
  92. A Rai Stone
  93. A gilded claw foot tub
  94. A nano-machine swarm that survived a grey-goo apocalyptic event
  95. A red barn, the roof is painted in large white letters “SEE RUBY FALLS”
  96. A Quantum Wish Engine- it doesn’t actually grant wishes, it transmigrates individuals into a branch of reality where their wish is truth.
  97. An extremely exclusive “walk-in” tattoo parlor
  98. Space Strip Mall- including nail salon, niche food supply, Holo-tape rental, and a froyo place.
  99. All of the American Online discs, all of them.
  100. Absolutely nothing.
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