The Progeny of Bahamat (D100+ Dragon Table)

This originally all started as the two of us, Unlawful Games and The Red Lantern, working on separate D100+ Dragon lists. The thing is though, Dragons are Real. They’re realer than either of us. They’re realer than your game, they’re realer than you. Our paltry attempts on our own only dug at the topmost layer of that revealed truth. Thus it was decided that we’d combine our efforts and combine our imaginings–as an imagined Dragon is, of course, simply a projection of a Real Dragon. 

Unlike our standard format of rolling all your normal dice set at once, we present a number of alternative tables that can be mixed, matched, added, removed, and combined however you might like. Roll on them all if you want. Roll on just the oddities. Make a Troika d66 list out of a few combinations. It is all Dragons, they are all here, waiting for you.

All images from Old Book Illustrations

D2 Does it hoard?

  1. Yes
  2. Yes–”No! It’s sentimental! And you don’t know when it might come in handy!”

D2 Sapience

  1. Cunning animal, skip the follower roll
  2. Fully intelligent, probably more so than you are

D4 Style

  1. Wyvern- Two legged with wings
  2. Drake- Four legged
    1. Without Wings
    2. With Wings
  3. Serpent- long, sinuous Leggless
    1. Without Wings
    2. With Wings
  4. Lung/Ryu/Tatzelwurm- long, sinuous with legs, wings incredibly rare

D4 Size

  1. Cat size and catlike
  2. Horse-size, perfect for riding
  3. As big as a house, roll twice on unique traits
  4. Truly immense, roll twice on hoard and followers, thrice on traits.

D6 Habitat

  1. Terrestrial
    1. Plains
    2. Desert
    3. Mountains/Volcanoes
    4. Tundra
    5. Swamps/Bogs/Marshlands
    6. Arboreal
  2. Aquatic
    1. Oceanic 
    2. Fluvial
    3. Lacustrine
    4. Amphibious
    5. Coastal
    6. Abyssal
  3. Celestial/Infernal/Extraplanar
  4. Extra-Terrestrial 
  5. Eternally Roaming
  6. Other
    1. Sulfuric Wastelands
    2. Magical Fallout Zones
    3. Salt Flats
    4. Rotscapes (Mushroom Forests)
    5. Shadow Biomes
    6. Inner Earth

D6 Origin

  1. Small god with a draconic form, 50% chance of having a small cult in addition to everything else
  2. Mortal transformed by:
    1. A single act of pure selfish greed, like murdering someone over a pile of newly found treasure.
    2. A life of greed, believing themself to be above others, and hoarding. This is how you get Dragons that are also nobility. May occasionally fake their death and pretend to be their own descendant.
    3. A curse placed upon them, possibly by another Dragon.
    4. Consuming multiple Dragon hearts.
    5. Swallowing a stone of great power.
    6.  A ritual involving a ziggurat, mass human sacrifice, and the blighting of the land for many miles around.
  3. Chimerical descendent of Tiamat, mother of monsters.
  4. Divine servant, tasked with:
    1. Causing destruction as punishment for mortal hubris
    2. Killing one specific person
    3. Guarding something important
    4. Collecting tribute for a deity
    5. Constructing a grand temple for a deity
    6. Nothing, it’s gone rogue and is doing whatever it wants
  5. Merely one of a whole species
  6. Unknown. It just Is.

D8 Horns

  1. Hornless
  2. Wrestling
    1. Spiraled and long.
    2. Branching antlers.
    3. Corkscrewed.
    4. Riddled with sword-breaker-like holes.
    5. Exceptionally long and covered in ridges (Ibex style).
    6. Wide hand-like antlers similar to a moose or Irish Elk.
  3. Ramming
    1. Thickly coiled.
    2. Curved back.
    3. Thick and blunted.
    4. More like a single, wide bony plate than a horn.
    5. A central bony ridge like a horn mohawk.
    6. A wide leathery crest bordered with short spikes.
  4. Stabbing
    1. Relatively short, sharp and straight.
    2. Large conical nose horn, like a rhino.
    3. Wide and curved forward, like an ox.
    4. Like a crown of many sharp spines.
    5. A trio of forward facing spikes like a triceratops.
    6. Curves downward towards the Dragon’s snout, ending in sharp points by its mouth.
  5. Magical
    1. Singular, pointed, unicorn-like.
    2. Seven of them, each with a crown.
    3. Made of crystal. May be able to shoot lasers.
    4. Capable of inflicting wounds that do not heal.
    5. Fused into a circle and glows with a transcendent holy light.
    6. Capable of lashing out and grabbing like an octopus or going rigid and as hard as steel in a flash.
  6. Decorative
    1. Pierced In multiple places with great golden studs and hoops.
    2. Carved with glowing magic runes.
    3. Grown and styled into unusual decorative shapes through decades of careful manipulation.
    4. Used to hold up an intricate veil so that unworthy mortals may not look upon the Dragon’s most august face.
    5. A complex web of enchanted gold thread is woven into an ever-shifting dream-catcher like pattern between its horns–might be kept up by magic spiders.
    6. Horns look more like gnarled organic tree-roots than horns.
  7. Tusks Instead
  8. Polycerate- Roll twice, has two sets of horns

D8 Limbs (if it has wings, it can probably fly. If it doesn’t, it might still be able to fly, your call.)

  1. None
  2. 2 legs
  3. 2 wings
  4. 4 legs
  5. 2 legs, 2 wings
  6. 4 legs, 2 wings
  7. 6 legs
  8. 2d6*2 limbs, distributed between legs and wings as you wish.

D10 Scale effects (all Dragons have armor as plate unless stated otherwise)

  1. Regular scales. Kinda boring. 
  2. Shining Scales stronger than steel. Armor as plate and shield, immune to nonmagic weapons.
  3. Magic-proof scales. Spells slide off like water off a duck.
  4. Turtle- or snail-like shell. Armor as plate+shield, can retreat into the shell for effective invulnerability. 
  5. Feathers, no bonus but really pretty.
  6. Fur, resistant to cold even without ice breath.
  7. Skin of rock and stone, resistant to edged weapons but vulnerable to anything particularly good at damaging stone.
  8. The breath weapon is imbued into the Dragon’s scales, having a negative effect on any weapons that dare strike it. E.g. fire burns attackers, acid dissolves weapons, antimagic vapors render magic temporarily inert…
  9. None, AC as leather, skip the color roll. Very sensitive about it.
  10. Roll 2d8 and combine.

D10 Scale Colors

  1. Traditional Chromatic
    1. Red
    2. Blue
    3. Green
    4. Black
    5. White
    6. Yellow
  2. Traditional Metallic
    1. Copper
    2. Brass
    3. Silver
    4. Gold
    5. Bronze
    6. Platinum 
  3. Non-Traditional Chromatic
    1. Cyan
    2. Indigo
    3. Beige
    4. Pink
    5. Orange
    6. Chartreuse
  4. Non-Traditional Metallic
    1. Meteorite
    2. Orichalcum
    3. Gunmetal
    4. Adamantine
    5. Mercury
    6. Osmium
  5. Mineral
    1. Schloss Green
    2. Ultramarine
    3. Orpiment
    4. Cinnabar
    5. Ulexite
    6. Uranium glow
  6. Patterned
    1. Harlequin
    2. Piebald
    3. Ombre
    4. Houndstooth
    5. Fractal
    6. Stripes
  7. Traditional Gemstone
    1. Diamond
    2. Amethyst
    3. Emerald
    4. Topaz
    5. Sapphire
    6. Ruby
  8. Non-Traditional Gemstone
    1. Quartz
    2. Opal
    3. Jasper
    4. Sugilite
    5. Obsidian
    6. Malachite
  9. Bizarre
    1. Slimy 
    2. Exoskeleton
    3. Translucent
    4. Iridescent
    5. Ultraviolet or Infrared 
    6. Photonegative 
  10. Arcane
    1. Octarine
    2. Stygian Blue
    3. Self-Luminous Red
    4. Hyperbolic Orange
    5. Void Black
    6. Haint Blue

D10 Breath

  1. None, but possesses a vile venom.
  2. Classic
    1. Fire
    2. Ice
    3. Lightning
    4. Acid
    5. Pressurized Water Blasts
    6. Superheated Sand
  3. Gas
    1. Poisonous
    2. Sleeping
    3. Paralytic
    4. Suffocating
    5. Explosive, ignites by clicking its teeth together
    6. Repulsive stench
  4. Fire Alternative
    1. Molten Lava
    2. Molten Iron–5% chance Molten Gold instead
    3. Holy Fire
    4. Hellfire
    5. Felfire
    6. Coldfire
  5. Concussive bone-shattering shouts
  6. Gale-force winds
  7. Something Absurd
    1. Bubbles.
    2. Glue.
    3. Majuana Smoke (Puff the Magic Dragon dude).
    4. Memory Altering Fog– There is no Dragon or treasure here, go away.
    5. De-evolution Beam! FLEE APES!
    6. Evolution beam. Tends to transform creatures INTO CRABS. Not even the Dragon knows why.
  8. Something weird
    1. LASERS
    2. Mutagenic Radiation
    3. Swords
    4. Swarms of Insects
    5. Swarms of tiny piranha-like Dragons–They’re its children like mouthbrooding fish
    6. Green Slime
  9. Something Really Weird
    1. The ORKUS 
    2. Clouds that form into illusions of your greatest fantasies or deepest fears
    3. Blood–a round after being exposed to air it ignites like napalm
    4. [NULL]- Looks like white noise, smells like ozone, feels like your arms falling asleep, sounds like static, tastes like bumping your elbow nerve. It removes all unique identifiers and reduces targets to the most generic possible form of the object
    5. G̶͓͉̘̈̕͠L̸͎͌̉I̵̢̬̐̌̀T̵̙̓̈̃C̶͍͐Ḧ̴̳͍ – Looks like ████, smells like ████, feels like ████, sounds like ████, tastes like ████. It randomizes some quality of the target, veering towards the overtly unique. 
    6. Pure Life. Plants grow out of control, living things become healthier, dead things may rise in a nightmarish facsimile of life, chimeras may be created.
  10. Roll twice, it has both

D10 Secret Weakness

  1. This Dragon has a gap in its protective scales (a bare patch on their belly perhaps); any attack that strikes it here bypasses immunities and does double damage.
  2. The Ichneumon– an especially wiley and violent mongoose.
  3. Can be bound by anyone who knows their True and Secret Name.
  4. A blade that was smelted with Dragon-fire and quenched in Dragon’s blood.
  5. A very specific allergy (like mistletoe).
  6. This Dragon becomes vulnerable in the instant that they feel True Love.
  7. This Dragon sleeps one night a century, during which it is in such a deep torpor that it cannot rouse to defend against a decisive killing blow.
  8. The Dragon’s power and strength is tied to the size of its hoard.
  9. The Dragon’s life is tied to a specific piece of treasure in its hoard.
  10. Other Dragons (or those with Dragon’s blood in their veins).

D12 Spawn/Cult/Followers

  1. None, too paranoid
  2. Fanatical kobolds
    1. They’re the smart kind, of the Tucker variety
    2. They’re the dumb kind, pretty much just scaley goblins
    3. They’re the waifu kind, cute until they stab out your fucking eye
    4. They’re the dog kind, not entirely sure how they got here but glad to be of service.
    5. They’re the small, orange and hairy kind, on loan from King Torg (All Hail King Torg!)
    6. They’re the special kind, they have wings and lesser breath weapons
  3. Human (or other majority species) worshippers
  4. Undead minions
  5. Elementals associated with their breath weapon
  6. Dragonborn, mortals empowered by Dragon blood
  7. Minor demons
  8. Bound spirits
  9. Ambiguously sapient animals
  10. The subjugated original inhabitants of the area
  11. Animated weapons, armor, and miscellaneous household objects 
  12. Plutocratic Illuminati-esque Network (The Dragon acting as a mysterious, unknown head of operations)

D12 Most Valuable Treasure

  1. A ring that constantly enhances its owner’s wealth.
  2. A sealed cask containing a wish-granting daemon.
  3. An orb that can control lesser Dragons.
  4. A small ampule containing a single dose of the Universal Panacea.
  5. An amulet allowing one to control a great metal colossus, long thought to merely be a statue.
  6. An artifact that proves the right to rule of a deposed dwarven king.
  7. A kidnapped hostage. Specifically…
    1. A princess, because of course.
    2. A weird prince.
    3. A legendary warrior who tried and failed to best the Dragon.
    4. The eggs of a rival Dragon.
    5. An enlightened sage who refuses to give the Dragon some great secret wisdom.
    6. Yo’ mama!
  8. A weapon of legend, capable of killing anything no matter how invulnerable. Kept under heavy watch and an excessive amount of traps, to ensure no one can use it against the Dragon.
  9. A mill capable of grinding out endless amounts of flour, salt, sugar and other basic foodstuffs/ingedients.
  10. A “frozen” lightning bolt, it is used to power various magitech devices within the Dragon’s lair.
  11. The official deed to one of the planet’s moons.
  12. A guidebook to the campaign setting. The Dragon knows all the lore and all current major events.

D20 Hoard

  1. Precious metals; gold, silver, platinum. Of course.
  2. Shining gems of all sorts. Of course.
  3. Weapons and armor, particularly of the magic sort.
  4. Seasonings and spices, with a section specifically for salts. 1 in 4 chance that the Dragon’s lair outright contains or is a salt mine.
  5. Its followers are its hoard (if non sapient, no hoard. If too paranoid, reroll).
  6. Books, scrolls, and other repositories of knowledge.
  7. Ruined and broken things.
  8. The bound souls of its victims, locked in:
    1. Dolls. They can move, barely. The Dragon crochés the dolls itself.
    2. Gemstones, glowing with a faint inner light.
    3. Iron coins with the victim’s face.
    4. Books–each page is the hide of its victim, bound to recite its life and secrets when commanded.
    5. Reflective items, ranging from simple glass plates to ornate mirrors. The souls are visible in the reflections.
    6. Candles rendered from their victims’ fat, each flickering with a unique light.
  9. Rare and exotic flora, many of which are potent ingredients for curatives or poisons.
  10. Tools. Hammers, anvils, sawblades, wrenches, pitchforks, etc.
  11. Works of art. Paintings, sculptures, mosaics. It even has a Banksy.
  12. Drink of all sorts, from small beer to the strongest and finest liquors, in great quantities. Probably has some weird liquids in there.
  13. Religious relics and iconography.
  14. Dice, cards, board games, etc. Is perpetually disappointed that no one can match its skill.
  15. Fine ceramics, silverware, dishes. They have the only complete table set of elven ceramics outside of elfish hands.
  16. Beasts, from the mundane to the exotic. Specifically:
    1. Birds
    2. Mammals
    3. Reptiles
    4. Amphibians
    5. Fish
    6. Bugs
  17. Fine fabrics. Wools, silks, cotton, linen, especially when finely woven or exquisitely dyed.
  18. Timepieces and clockworks. Watches, candles, hourglasses, sundials.
  19. Fermented and otherwise preserved Foods-cheeses, hams, fine wines, vinegars, jams, pickles, mummies. The stinkier, the better.
  20. The Dragon has a sheet of parchment with a strange cipher on it. The Dragon claims that it is proof of ownership of a hoard far vaster than any other, secreted way in a remote location. When asked to see it, it starts getting very defensive.

D20 Common Magic Power

  1. Can treat clouds as solid objects
  2. Omniglot–speaking/reading all languages 
  3. Rapid regeneration
  4. Blood so toxic that it can harm even the divine
  5. Shapeshifting
  6. Controlling flora
  7. Controlling non-sapient fauna
  8. Blessing others with luck
  9. Cursing others with misfortune
  10. Summoning and controlling Darkness
  11. Creating Light
  12. Domineering voice capable of giving one-word commands that must be followed on a failed save.
  13. Can “smell” anything relating to their hoard for miles around.
  14. Omni-fecundity– able to crossbreed with pretty much anything to make half-Dragons.
  15. Aura of Awe and Terror– Dragons are frightening on their own, but this one literally radiates such gravitas that ill-prepared mortals can’t help to flee or kneel before it.
  16. Climb walls and ceilings like a spider.
  17. Powerful (and highly sought after) healing magic
  18. Invisibility/Adaptive Camouflage 
  19. Elemental Control (usually related to their breath weapon)
  20. Creating illusions

D100 Unique Traits

  1. This Dragon had a run in with adventurers years ago who wanted to flay it for its hide. The Dragon has since taken up human taxidermy as a hobby.
  2. This Dragon was killed and decided it wouldn’t take. It’s undead now.
  3. Sings constantly, mostly about how great it is and how futile your lesser existence is.
  4. This Dragon’s digestive system is able to perform alchemical processes and the Dragon can perspire or excrete a variety of miraculous substances. The Dragon is looking for the right combination of ingredients to eat so they can create a philosopher’s stone. 
  5. While all Dragons are more real than their surroundings, this one is so real it starts to hijack the DM’s narration.
  6. Instead of a head appropriate to the body, this Dragon has the head of a:
    1. Lion
    2. Goat
    3. Rat
    4. Bird of prey
    5. Human
    6. Snake
  7. The Dragon has no true head, only an enormous ever-hungering maw that reaches its torso.
  8. Can identify different types of humanoid, possibly even specific individuals, by scent.
  9. This Dragon has studied wizardry, can inherently command spells, or maybe just ate a sufficiently powerful wizard. Regardless, it can cast spells as a wizard of 1/3rd it’s HD.
  10. Has 1d6 extra heads. They do not share one mind.
  11. This Dragon’s mother was a Hydra, cutting off its head will grow more according to the fibonacci sequence. 
  12. Plants, mostly vines, grow all over the Dragon. Once a year the vines all flower and fruit at the same time.
  13. When the Dragon flies, it produces pleasant wind chime-esque sounds.
  14. Has a frankly unreasonable amount of horns, roll twice more on the horns table.
  15. Has a second nested mouth inside the normal mouth, like a Moray Eel.
  16. While many Dragons can assume humanoid form, this one can transform into specific people that it’s seen instead of just one alternate form.
  17. This isn’t really a Dragon, it’s actually a contraption operated by an appropriate number of goblins. A truly massive Dragon of this variety probably contains an entire goblin town.
  18. This Dragon possesses the gift of prophecy, and is infuriated that it can’t actually control what it predicts.
  19. This Dragon is a master of Flesh-crafting magic, using it to twist and experiment upon its followers and any adventurer foolish enough to intrude upon the Dragon’s experiments.
  20. The Dragon controls the weather of the region it occupies. This isn’t entirely conscious, and frequently results in the region becoming thematically appropriate for the Dragon in question.
  21. If you sow this Dragon’s teeth like seeds, they will grow into powerful and skilled warriors. 50% chance of being loyal to their creator, otherwise just fights everyone.
  22. This Dragon has made a pact with Buer, granting 2d6 of his Minions as servants in exchange for an oath not to harm radially symmetrical creatures. Regrets its deal immensely and will grant the party a boon for killing the Minions of Buer for it.
  23. Flies at supersonic speeds, sounds like a jet plane while doing so. A huge runway is in front of its lair for ease of landing.
  24. When slain, the Dragon curses its killer 
    1. To become a Dragon themself and guard the Hoard
    2. To have the anti-Midas touch, turning gold to lead.
    3. To be unable to quench their hunger and thirst, everything turning to ash in their mouths
    4. To forever bring ruin to everyone they care for
    5. To slowly, painfully transform into a Kobold. If already a Kobold, be eternally shunned by all scaled beings.
    6. To be haunted by everything they’ve ever killed, down to the smallest mosquito.
  25. The Dragon possesses an appropriately sized weapon and is trained in its use.
    1. Sword
    2. Flail
    3. Battleaxe
    4. Warscythe 
    5. A wide variety of polearms (it’s a side hoard)
    6. Shoulder mounted cannons
  26. The Dragon glows with mysterious colors, unlike any seen on earth. Witnessing it causes a save vs madness instead of fear, and prolonged contact forces a save vs mutation.
  27.  The Dragon can swim through earth and sand like water, and can tunnel through solid rock with effort.
  28. If this Dragon makes eye contact with you, it learns one of your memories.
  29. The Dragon must be killed in a specific way or with a specific ritual, otherwise it resurrects on the next new moon.
  30. The Dragon lives with or near its droggin sibling.
  31. This Dragon doesn’t just have a hoard, it is MADE OF its hoard.
  32. The Dragon is a master of Flyting, to the point that it can harm people using only its insults.
  33. The Dragon’s lair is a Weird Castle
  34. The Dragon has sleep apnea; snores incredibly loudly and is twice as likely to wake up from any noise.
  35. The Dragon is a clockwork construct, give it whatever immunities and weaknesses a clockwork construct would have.
  36. The Dragon is an illusion, conjured by a Fox. The hoard, powers, and followers are still very real.
  37. A priest has done the impossible and converted this Dragon to their religion, and has been canonized as a saint as a result.
  38. This Dragon is sworn into service to a race of astral-dwelling warriors. It may or may not resent this.
  39. This Dragon is a priest of Tiamat, Dragon-goddess of avarice, monsters, and apex predators.
  40. This Dragon possesses an incredibly sticky and long tongue like a chameleon. Anything it eats is trapped in an egg-like shell and excreted on the following round. If left to incubate for a month, the original creature hatches as a Dragon hybrid–only a 1% chance of retaining any previous memories.
  41. The Dragon possesses huge, white disks for eyes and long needle-teeth, like a deep sea fish.
  42. This Dragon is actually a genius loci–causing them damage pollutes and destroys the local landscape. Inversely, damaging and polluting the landscape also harms the Dragon.
  43. This Dragon is strangely dog-like and has impossibly good luck.
  44. This Dragon doesn’t have a tail, rather it is a two headed amphisbaena
  45. Ignore the size. This Dragon is massive, mind bogglingly, world-shatteringly massive. Only a small portion of it is here, the rest is shunted into a nearby dimension.
  46. When meeting the gaze of this Dragon, save or
    1. Turn to stone
    2. Turn to salt–and probably get used to season other adventurers
    3. Fall to your knees in religious ecstasy
    4. Fall under its hypnotic power
    5. Be unable to lie in its presence
    6. Straight up piss yourself in fear
  47. The Dragon is covered in javelin-like spines, and can flick them at people from a distance.
  48. This Dragon wears a top hat and is the ringmaster of a truly bizarre circus–its performers acting as both followers and hoard. It has quite a collection of clowns…
  49. This Dragon is contracted to serve the current graduate of the Scholomance
  50. This bulging-eyed Dragon is being controlled by a parasitic zombie flatworm.
  51. This Dragon was cursed to eat its hoard whenever it grew to sufficient size, it would owe a great boon (or a lot of thrown up treasure) to whomever could break the curse
  52. This Dragon’s teeth are
    1. Retractable
    2. Constantly shedding and growing back like a shark’s
    3. Constantly growing and in need of filing or grinding–else they might grow up into their brain
    4. Coated in alkahest and can chew through literally anything
    5. horrifying dentures made up of hundreds of melted together swords
    6. Fastidiously cared for–the gleam from its smile can blind the unwary
  53. This Dragon has a scorpion tail. A small Dragon’s venom can be agonizing but a massive Dragon injects enough venom that a human would just pop.
  54. This Dragon is the head of a vast and powerful banking family–the wizard wants it slain largely just to clear his debts.
  55. This Dragon has an intelligent Dragonfly companion, similar to a wizard’s familiar.
  56. This Dragon was petrified into a crystalline form by an orc wizard for insulting him. It will surely be grateful if freed… right?
  57. This Dragon has a grudge against the ancestor of a party member, and now seeks their descendant’s ruin.
  58. This Dragon serves another being because of:
    1. Genuine loyalty
    2. Bribery, probably via hoard expansion
    3. An exchange of services (e.g. hoard protection, lair expansion help)
    4. A magically binding oath/contract/geas
    5. Blackmail/hostage situation
    6. The other party is just outright stronger than the Dragon. Be very afraid if this comes up for a truly immense Dragon…
  59. The Dragon has multiple bards in its service, tasked with spreading word of its greatness throughout the land. 50% chance any given tale is completely fabricated.
  60. If seven orbs of power are collected, the Dragon will appear and grant a single wish.
  61. This Dragon is absolutely fucking shredded. Too swole to control.
  62. This Dragon is a master of sanguimancy, and blood magic is all the more powerful with Dragon’s blood.
  63. This Dragon can willingly share a piece of its heart with a mortal, vastly increasing the mortal’s health and lifespan.
  64. This Dragon replaced it’s heart many centuries ago with
    1. An elder elemental.
    2. A bound greater demon.
    3. A lost magitech clockwork contraption.
    4. A dwarven furnace (needs to keep it constantly stoked).
    5. A single massive and enchanted Diamond.
    6. Nothing—a huge seared void gapes where the Dragon tore it out.
  65. The Dragon survived the last cataclysmic extinction event and appears considerably more primal than younger Dragons.
  66. This Dragon appears differently to all who view it, appearing as the individual’s idealized Dragon.
  67. This was a Dragon until it consumed a brick of pure occultium and collapsed under its own magical pressure. It is now a Dragon-shaped hole in reality.
  68. Instead of wings, this Dragon has elastic membranes connecting its legs.
  69. The Dragon has dealt with entirely too many horny adventures, and now reacts to attempts at seduction with immediate deadly force.
  70. This Dragon can change its coloration with the speed, accuracy and variety of an octopus. Its species speaks in a complex language of lights and patterns.
  71. This Dragon used to steal sheep and cattle and royalty, but has found that turning into a human and cheating at eating contests is an easier way to free food.
  72. This Dragon was prophesied a thousand years ago to wake and begin a reign of terror. It has hit snooze on its alarm every century.
  73. This incredibly vain (and incredibly lazy) Dragon is transported everywhere on an appropriately sized palanquin by its followers. 
  74. This Dragon has an extremely niche and specific collection for its hoard.
  75. This Dragon got shot with an arrow in the heart–but instead of killing it, a strange POWER was awoken within the Dragon.
  76. This Dragon, in the depths of its boredom, has decided to use its transformative powers to masquerade as a masked vigilante. Another equally bored Dragon plays at being their villain.
  77. The Dragon made its hoard entirely through gambling and is always open for a high stakes game.
  78. This Dragon was born out of a child’s dream and appears as a child’s drawing of a Dragon. It is still incredibly dangerous.
  79. A shapeshift gone horribly wrong has left this Dragon looking like a man stretched over a Dragon’s frame
  80. This Dragon speaks the primordial language of creation and must be extremely careful in its word choice.
  81. This Dragon can only be truly killed by a blow from Exocalibur (that’s not a typo)
  82. For reasons unknown, this Dragon is wearing a hat and refuses to remove it.
  83. This Dragon has been altered by Brain Devourers, and has gained psionic powers as a result.
  84. This Dragon lives through time in reverse and pines for the days of video games and nachos
  85. This Dragon possesses a truly magnificent beard. It is unwilling to use its breath weapon for fear of the beard being damaged–although if someone else damages the beard…well the gloves are off aren’t they?
  87. This Dragon was running for mayor in the local elections until it was discovered that it was guilty of tax fraud.
  88. This Dragon spends a lot of its spare time in a palm-sized form to advise would-be Heroes of Light.
  89. This Dragon has a very crude sense of humor and regularly crop dusts the nearby settlements just for chuckles.
  90. This Dragon delved too deeply into an accursed tome–now one its forelimbs ends in a withered seven fingered claw that corrupts anything it touches.
  91. This Dragon donated its entire hoard to charity after discovering it never really gave it real happiness. 
  92. The magic in this world is not sufficient for this Dragon to exist as much more than a ghost. In the rare places where Old Magic and strong minds remain, this Dragon may fully manifest.
  93. This Dragon’s stomach connects directly to Hell, allowing it to act as a Hellmouth Portal. It isn’t hard to use the Dragon as an entrance–a lot harder to use it as an exit.
  94. This Dragon can see
    1. In the infrared
    2. In the ultraviolet
    3. Into parallel dimensions
    4. Six seconds into the future
    5. In Wizard Vision
    6. Through a combination of other heightened senses as their eyes are long clouded over.
  95. This is not actually a Dragon, but a Macro-Tardigrade.
  96. This Dragon is infested with Dragon-Fleas–blood sucking parasites that can easily reach the size of a shire horse.
  97. This Dragon recently escaped from a pseudo-governmental facility where it had been experimented upon to strange effect.
  98. Ignore everything else–this is The Dragon, the archetype from which all other Dragons emanate from. 
  99. Ignore everything else–this is a Droggin, more worthy of your pity than your awe.
  100. Roll Twice on every table, Double Conjoined Dragons!

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