This post is thanks to a number of folks who keep me hyped with Jojo gifs. Thanks to the folks in the Dungeon Dice and Drama and Hope for TTRPG discords as well as THE VERY VILIEST VIZIERS for helping me come up with some of the ideas and deal with my nonsense as I made this. If I somehow replicated a stand in Jojo already or if I accidently recreated your Fan Stand, I am so sorry. There is only so many ideas out there and Hirohiko Araki has already come up with most of them.

Blackjack Rants: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure S02E12-13 Review: OOOO MAIII GODDDOOOO



D2 Good grief

  1. Yare
  2. Yare

D4 Range

  1. Close Range
  2. Long Range
  3. Automatic
  4. Range Irrelevant

Steam Workshop::"OH MY GOD" Alert Sound Joseph Joestar Jojo's Bizzare Adventure

D6 Stats

  1. Destructive Power
    1. A
    2. B
    3. C
    4. D
    5. E
    6. ???/NA/Infinite?
  2. Speed
    1. A
    2. B
    3. C
    4. D
    5. E
    6. ???/NA/Infinite?
  3. Range
    1. A
    2. B
    3. C
    4. D
    5. E
    6. ???/NA/Infinite?
  4. Precision
    1. A
    2. B
    3. C
    4. D
    5. E
    6. ???/NA/Infinite?
  5. Stamina
    1. A
    2. B
    3. C
    4. D
    5. E
    6. ???/NA/Infinite?
  6. Development Potential
    1. A
    2. B
    3. C
    4. D
    5. E
    6. ???/NA/Infinite?

D8 War Cry


Pin on JoJo's Bizarre Board

D10 Pose This Way…

  1. Arms Up
  2. Arms Down
  3. Arms Crossed
  4. Touching face
  5. Head Back
  6. Head forward
  7. Coy Head Tilt
  8. Bending Backwards
  9. KICK
  10. LEAP

D10 …And That Way

  1. Hips forward
  2. Hips back
  3. FISTS
  4. Jazz Hands
  5. Pointing
  6. Lips pursed
  7. Tongue Out
  8. Feet Turned in
  9. Feet Turned Out
  10. Yoga Pose

D12 Form/Type

  1. Humanoid
  2. Artificial Humanoid
  3. Non-Humanoid
  4. Artificial Non-Humanoid
  5. Phenomena
  6. Special
  7. Bound
  8. Colony
  9. Sentient
  10. Evolved
  11. Shared
  12. Post Mortem

D20 Color Palette, Roll twice for Hirohiko Araki crazy colors

  1. Red
  2. Green
  3. Yellow
  4. Blue
  5. Orange
  6. Purple
  7. Cyan
  8. Magenta
  9. Lime
  10. Pink
  11. Teal
  12. White
  13. Brown
  14. Beige
  15. Maroon
  16. Mint
  17. Olive
  18. Black
  19. Navy
  20. Gray

Joseph Joestar YES YES YES OMG - Instant Sound Effect Button | Myinstants

D100 Example Names and Quirks?

  1. Glitter and Gold- Manipulates anything that sparkles
  2. Hey Boy (In the Pines)- Calling out out to someone, if they answer you they are forced to reveal themselves and answer a question
  3. O Death- Offensive stand that is incredibly intimidating looking. Causes grievous harm but only affects those who are frightened by it or beg for their lives.
  4. Keep On The Sunny Side- Forces excessive optimism on a target
  5. Man of Constant Sorrow- Forces excessive pessimism on a target
  6. Supermassive Blackhole- Creates a singular point of gravity that pulls objects towards it. As more and more objects accumulate the gravity and the area of effect increases
  7. Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict- Creates a number of small, squeaky, psychedelic looking creatures. Individually small and weak, every time one is destroyed it is replaced by two more while becoming increasingly bizarre and loud.
  8. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer- Breaks down the foundations of targets, causing them to crumble, Works metaphysically breaking down arguments and ideas. Might be able to crack holes in reality.
  9. Superpredators- The user can transform into any predator species and chimerical combinations.
  10. What Doesn’t Kill You Will Make You A Killer- Once this stand has taken a hit from someone and survived it, it becomes immune to that power and generates a powerful offensive answer to that attack. Only can counter one ability at a time
  11. Pinball Wizard- Applies super rubberized characteristics to an object or target. The user can choose to be super rubberized or not as well
  12. The Wicker Man- Large prison-like ribcage captures targets and then self ignites. Can also release hoards of bees for some reason too 
  13. Live and Let Die- Creates a bond between two objects or two living things, anything done to one happens to both.
  14. Rikki Don’t Lose That Number- Forces a memetic phrase into a target that slowly overwrites all their memories and knowledge.
  15. Mr. Tambourine Man- Plays a jingling tune that makes it awakens the sleeping and puts to sleep the waking. While active, the awake cannot sleep (while feeling the effects of sleep deprivation) and the asleep cannot awaken.
  16. The Boxer- Can squeeze anything into a small cube
  17. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper- Instills in a target a sense of extreme bravado while also removing their sense of self preservation and fears.
  18. 666 Kill Chop Deluxe- Manipulate the sharpness of anything, shape knives, sharp paper, sharp wits, sharp senses. Can only make things sharper, can’t dull them. 
  19. Mystery Skulls- A stand made up of a myriad of small floating skulls. They fly at a target and burst, releasing random and often cartoonishly lethal effects
  20. Minutes Become Hours- Causes targets within an area to perceive time as being significantly slower than it actually is without actually manipulating time.
  21. Red Right Hand- A punchy stand with one huge hand. The hand is able to make a deal with a target and give them their greatest, greediest desire but in turn takes from them whatever they hold most dear.
  22. Big in Japan- A massive Kaiju-like Stand, empowered by the user’s personal popularity. 
  23. M1 A1- Instantly projects anything touched away from itself at 1000 mph.
  24. Sixteen Tons- Carbonizes things it touches, and grip coal tight enough to turn it to diamond.
  25. Modest Mouse- Makes a target (including its user) appear so unassuming that they are passed over or ignored completely. 
  26. Careful With That Axe Eugene- Transports the target to a pocket dimension that appears like a deep dark wood with eyes watching overhead instead of stars. “Eugene” appears as a masked serial killer that pursues the target through the woods.
  27. Blue Monday- Approaching the stand user drops body temperature, quickly causing hypothermia, frostbite, and desiccation. 
  28. Space Junk- Commands an orbiting stand that can jack into communications and broadcasts, have a hi-res view of the world’s surface, and (with a long recharge time) fire solar powered lasers at surface targets
  29. Misty Mountain Hop- Creates a field of fog that the stand user can freely manipulate the placement of anyone and anything within it.
  30. Stand By Me- Forcibly swaps Stands with someone they touch, swaps some personality traits as well between users
  31. One More Time- Forces a target to replay an action over and over
  32. Little Busters- Creates what looks like a gang of street thugs (pompadours, baseball bats, butterfly knives) who act in concert. The one with the spiked baseball bat is the actual Stand.  
  33. Atomic Dog- Capable of producing an endless amount of energy, but regularly takes hyper-radioactive shits and has dog-like mannerisms. 
  34. Abba Zaba- This stand causes all communication to be scrambled into nonsense, written, vocalized, electronic and otherwise.
  35. Interior Crocodile Alligator- Stand can take any two interior spaces and swap them regardless of the apparent size. A room, a dollhouse, a stomach are such are all valid targets
  36. Raspberry Beret- Manifests as a raspberry colored beret. As long as someone, anyone, wears the Beret, no one can see or hear anyone nearby but the person wearing the Beret.
  37. Toothsayer- Creates a very large walrus-like creature that attacks with mind-altering hallucinatory sonic waves and terrible tusks. 
  38. All Men Are Pigs- Anyone and anything struck by it turns into some variation of Pig.
  39. D.D.D.D.- Manipulate anything with a D in it
  40. Bullet With Butterfly Wings- Causes objects to retain their kinetic energy while actually moving at otherwise calm speeds. Can hide them as butterflies.
  41. Kangaroo Court- Fast, strong, and agile Kangaroo Court’s strikes makes the target feel as though they deserve the beat down they are receiving.
  42. White Stripes- Manifests as a bullet train with self-laying tracks. The front of the train is shaped like a bullet and possesses incredible force and penetrative power.
  43. Velvet Revolver- Fires bullets that traps a target into a Velvet painting.
  44. Broken Bride-Throws a target’s mind back in time to their most traumatic memory. 
  45. Paint It Black- Paint somethings something black and causes that thing to become taboo. Mentioning it causes a target to take serious damage.
  46. Bad Romance- Connects two people across vast distances and causes them to feel drawn towards each other. They either love or hate one another
  47. Sound of Silence – Can ‘store’ sounds within range into a battery somewhere on the stand, leaving behind a distinct absence of the sound. At any time, the user can release the stored sounds into one big deafening blast, or individual noises if they are precise enough.
  48. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)- Forces two targets to become repelled from one another. From a distance it will be simple happenstance and luck that keeps them apart but close by they are violently repelled as though by magnetic force. 
  49. Careless Whisper-inverts the intensity of sounds, causing whispers and small background noises to be deafening and painful while loud noises are all but inaudible. 
  50. Brick House- A brick outhouse that manifests in random locations within range around the user, and not even they know where it is. It favours those in need of one though, and lures them inside before trapping them within and teleporting elsewhere.
  51. Money For Nothing- King Midas style, turns objects into dollar bills on contact, and then back again if the bills are torn or otherwise destroyed. Can turn people into money as well if they make a deal with the user first. 
  52. Orinoco Flow- Creates and manipulates currents that people unconsciously follow and will have to actively resist if they are aware of it. Currents of thought, currents of air, water currents etc.
  53. Float On- A touch removes a target’s concerns and worries while at the same time removing some of their connection to gravity. Carefree targets will eventually simply float off into space. 
  54. Bilgewater – Makes the user appear dessicated and covered in underwater detritus whilst in use. Touch a point and have water or water-mixed fluids within range either attract towards the point or repel away from it, potentially dehydrating things or bloating them with the liquid. Lasts until the user moves out of range, at which point the liquids simply fall to a natural resting point.
  55. Land of Confusion- Mix senses between all targets within a range and causes extreme synesthesia.
  56. The Sword- Has infinite but random access to all swords past, present, and future
  57. Skeleton Appreciation Day- By cheering and celebrating aloud, this stand causes target’s skeletons to want to follow along. Resisting will eventually make the skeleton to try to burst free of their owner.
  58. Wellerman- A harpoon wielding stand that can pierce through and drag back anything. Targets pierced by the harpoon rapidly bloats and deforms into a cetacean-like form with flippers, fluke, and heavy blubber.  
  59. Purple People Eater- A purple, Innocuous looking creature that plays squeaky annoying tunes from the horn on its head. When a target expresses distaste for the sound, the Stand transforms into a slathering beast that latches onto and devours the target.
  60. Natural Blues- Able to control anything that is colored blue and control Blue Light, to manipulate mood, attention, and reaction times. 
  61. 99 Luftballons- Controls a massive red ball that and crush and smother targets or break up into 99 smaller balls that retain the same weight and density of the original.
  62. Known Unknowns- Inverts everything the target knows, making them believe the reverse is true.
  63. King of Pain- Manipulates targets’ sense of pain, dialing it up or down at a whim.
  64. Mirror & Veil- Redirects target’s attention and direction at precise angles
  65. Red Red Wine- Turns touched liquids into a variety of alcohols, from wine to methanol.
  66. Bat Country- Infuses a swarm of flying bat-like stands with drugs that the user takes which can then be injected into targets. The user has an exceptional constitution for resisting the most delirious effects of the drugs.
  67. Just The Way You Are- Makes one target at a time completely impervious from change of any kind. 
  68. Ghosts I-IV- Manifests as a large Victorian mansion filled with nasty traps and haunted effects. Any who die inside are trapped as ghosts and their Stand’s powers are incorporated into the hauntings
  69. Cherry Lips- Kisses a target and causes them to fall apart into apparent garbage and junk.
  70. Aphex Twin- Creates a duplicate of a target from a blood sample that is so convincing that it believes itself to be the true one. The user has no control over them, but they’ll become highly aggressive against the original. 
  71. Manowar- Spreads out hundreds of thousands of tiny paralyzing tentacles, but can also consolidate into a large translucent frigate and fire jelly-fish cannons 
  72. Two Tickets To Paradise- Imprints upon a target and the user is able to follow them in any sort of transport. When the user and the target are on the same plane, train, ship, bus, whatever, the user can freely and absolutely manipulate any part of that transport.
  73. Black Parade- Calls up a vast parade of Yokai inspired specters and monstrosities to do the user’s bidding.
  74. Jefferson Airplane- An attack from the left hand causes the target or object to shrink while an attack from the right hand causes the target or object to grow. Square-Cube law remains in effect but can be ignored by the user.
  75. Fever The Ghost- This stand is able to perceive the ultimate source from which anything came from, from tracking a drop of oil back to the car it dripped from to viewing someone’s heritage.
  76. Alice in Chains- Can inhabit any object, giving it the properties of a jelly that is easy to enter but impossible to leave, while not changing its appearance.
  77. Down Under- Has the ability to create a hole-like portal on one side of a chosen landmark, which causes a second portal to appear on the opposite side of that landmark, linking the two. The definition of ‘landmark’ is as liberal as the plot requires.
  78. Nitronaut- Has needle-like projections on their fists that let them control and manipulate neurochemicals and hormones in the human body such as adrenaline, serotonin, testosterone and such to extreme body-changing effects. 
  79. EEEAAAOOO- Blasts rainbow-like projections upon which they can travel at high speed and cause optical illusions.
  80. Jukebox Hero- Contains a variety of vinyl records that it uses to change between a variety of superhero (and/or super sentai) forms. Can also throw the records like large chakrams. 
  81. Transhuman- A continuously evolving stand that begins in the form of an egg with infinite growth potential, easily capable of rivaling Requiem and “Heaven” stands given time.
  82. Chilly Down- Creates a vast gravity and physics defying labyrinth in any enclosed space that is filled with strange goblin-like creatures who hamper attempts to escape 
  83. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger- When facing an opponent this stand can always choose to be Harder, Better (whatever that means), Faster or Stronger than an opposing stand, but only one at a time. 
  84. World Paranormal- An Over Heaven Stand, World Paranormal is a doppelganger planet on the opposite side of Earth’s orbit that the stand user can come and go to at a whim. They always appear in approximately the same spot between the worlds and can bring anything they can carry between the worlds. On World Paranormal, the user is essentially omniscient and omnipotent.
  85. Future Starts Slow- Manipulates the time between cause and effect of a single action, slowing or speeding it up by a factor of 10. Not as powerful as some other time manipulating stands, but can cause significant confusion. 
  86. Midnight Train- A Stand that begins slow, but as it continues to move and remain controlled it builds up speed, momentum, and kinetic force with no known upper limit. Has potential to become an Unstoppable Force.
  87. Flogging Molly- This stand that becomes tougher and more immobile the more it is beaten upon with no apparent upper limit, it has seemingly endless endurance to make up for its lack of brute strength or speed. Has the potential to become an Immovable Object.
  88. Never Gonna Give You Up- This stand can masquerade as any other stand the user has seen, even producing illusionary replications of those stands’ powers. When it gets a target’s guard down, it lunges and grapples the target while injecting a paralytic venom. 
  89. Hurdy Gurdy Man- Plays a Hurdy Gurdy in its stomach  that releases a sparkling fog that removes all violent or aggressive feelings in those who breathe it, instead filling them with an all-empassing love. Its user is also affected. 
  90. BEGGIN’- If the user aks a target to hand something in their possession over, their bodies automatically act to hand it over. If the target doesn’t have the object, the user can also force the target to simply reach out their hand.
  91. Son Of A Son Of A Sailor- Sailor is a anchor wielding standard punchy stand, but when it is defeated it is replaced with the scrappier and more aggressive Son of a Sailor.If Son of a Sailor is defeated, it is replaced with a drunken-boxer-esque Son of a Son of a Sailor with high speed and agility. 
  92. Living Dead Girl- This stand activates on the death of its user, possessing their corpse and piloting it around. As long as the user has a driving purpose, their body will remain undecayed and essentially immortal. Unlike vampires, Living Dead Girl has no natural regenerative qualities but also no weaknesses to Sunlight or Hamon. People familiar with the original user might be able to pick up on personality differences between the original person and the Stand.
  93. Ain’t Nobody- Is able to create any effect that someone with the user’s personal abilities and resources feasibly could do, without any actual cause or action being taken. Essentially skips causes to immediately obtain effects. 
  94. Moonhorse- Moonhorse is literally a horse that can travel back and forth to the moon at incredible speeds while providing its riders with the ability to survive the void of space.Might be willing to go to other locations in space with proper bribes.
  95. Manic Monday- Sort of an Inverse to Big in Japan, Manic Monday becomes faster and more powerful the more stressed out the user is. Incredibly powerful when the user is in a full blown panic attack.
  96. Disco Inferno- Causes any amount of movement to quickly generate exceptional amounts of heat, enough to melt a car, sublimate a jet, or a rocket to convert immediately to plasma. 
  97. Miku- A self-controlled Stand bound to the Internet itself. Poses as a world-wide popular internet popstar and is capable of self replication and control of any media that bears its image. It can, with effort, take direct control of its massive fandom. We hope it does not have malicious intent.
  98. People-Vultures- Is able to noisily and gruesomely swallow anything and store it in a pocket dimension in its stomach. It can, at any time, spew something it has eaten back up, either “gently” or with the power of a railcannon. 
  99. CANON IN D- Calls upon a massively destructive cannon but requires a full day of complete concentration and focus to activate its full might.
  100. Seriously, just go browse around your playlists a while and come up with something wacky

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2 thoughts on “D100+ Jojo Stand Generator

  1. Close Range, ???/NA/Infinite? Destructive Power, Speed B, Range A, Precision E, Stamina B, Development Potential A.
    Pose: Head forward, lips pursed.
    Form: Artificial Non-humanoid, Purple-White
    Quirk: Ain’t Nobody- Is able to create any effect that someone with the user’s personal abilities and resources feasibly could do, without any actual cause or action being taken. Essentially skips causes to immediately obtain effects.

    So a stand that can’t get far from the user’s body, but can nevertheless affect the world at some range? Has immense destructive power, but no precision. A stand that destroys everything within a substantial range, with no ability to select friend from foe.

    Yup, just remade Purple Haze.

  2. (I did this for a project of turning Vegeta into a JoJo BA Part 4 character and here’s the stand)
    Power: B, Speed: B, Range: C, Precision: C, Stamina: B, Potential: ???/NA/Infinite
    Pose: Arms Crossed/Hips Forward
    Type: Non-Humanoid/Sentient/Special
    Colors: Purple-White
    Name: Saiyan Pride/Prideful Saiyan (haven’t decided or I’ll have one as Eng Dub and one Jap Dub)
    Ability: Inner Beast Symbiosis. The user can host an inner beast within themselves, being able to gain and harness their powers and qualities for their own purposes. They can join forces with their inner beast and communicate and understand one another through their symbiotic connections. (Great Ape form or Super Saiyan 4 when both beast and user are in tandem).
    Activation: Guttural Screaming or near death experience (Zenkai Boost essentially).
    Limits/Dangers of Stand to User: The power wielded may be dangerous to the user. If used for to long or forcing an agreement with the stand shall result in huge limit in power or strain body till hospitalization or death.

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