D100+ Magic Swords

Classic amirite? For the purposes of a “sword” I’m saying it is any weapon for thrusting or slashing that isn’t on a pole. Except when it’s not.  As usual, images provided from Old Book Illustrations.

Two boys playing with puppets

D2 Has an absurd edgy name

  1. Yes
  2. YES


D4 Blade Type

  1. Double Edged, straight blade
  2. Single Edged, straight blade
  3. Single Edged, curved blade
  4. Edgeless, Thrusting blade

A man with a sword and a woman carrying a basket are seen facing opposite directions

D6 Size

  1. Dagger
  2. Shortsword
  3. Longsword
  4. Greatsword/Zweihander
  5. Horse Killing Sword aka BFS- Think Guts and Cloud, the extreme of what human hands could maybe effectively wield. 
  6. Giant Killing Sword aka RBFS- Think Sephiroth and Sagara Sanosuke, not really designed for people


D8 Material- Some of these make for poor blades, but this is RPG nonsense, come on. 

  1. Ancient
    1. Obsidian/Glass
    2. Bones/Teeth
    3. Wood
    4. Copper
    5. Stone
    6. Jade
  2. Early Alloys
    1. Bronze
    2. Brass
    3. Pewter
    4. Electrum
    5. Meteoric Iron
    6. Telluric Iron
  3. Iron
  4. Steel
  5. Damascus or Patterned Steel
  6. Precious/Fictional Metal
    1. Silver
    2. Gold
    3. Platinum
    4. Adamantine
    5. Mithril
    6. Orichalcum
  7. Something Advanced
    1. Ceramics 
    2. Crystal/Diamond
    3. Neutronium
    4. Plasma
    5. Depleted Uranium or Osmium or some other fancy sounding metal
    6. Computronium- It can do your math homework!
  8. Something Magic
    1. Shackled Element
      1. Fire
      2. Water
      3. Earth
      4. Air
      5. Aether
      6. Void
    2. Occultum
    3. Alicorn
    4. Concentrated Orgone
    5. Aetherium/Volucite
    6. Blood Iron- In the case you want a sword forged from the blood of your enemies (protip, you’ll need ~2400 people worth of blood to make a longsword)

A man stands in front of a tree in which a skeleton has climbed to threaten him with a spear

D10 Aesthetic

  1. Traditional Craft/Realistic
  3. Grimdark
  4. All The Bling/Ceremonial 
  5. Futuristic (or Retrofuturistic)
  6. Horror
  7. Junkyard/GoblinCraft
  8. Fairytale
  9. Very Anime/JRPG
  10. Exotic- From a curling spiral horn-thing or a half of giant pair of scissors or objects that are decidedly not a sword, like a sharpened oar


D10 Exactly How Magical

  1. Cursed, haha! Roll again and invert or twist positive effects
  2. Nonmagical, it is all for show
  3. Just a bit magical, get like a +1 to hit or something.
  4. A bit more magical, roll once on D12
  5. Quite magical, roll on d100 table
  6. Even more magical, roll on d12 and d100 table
  7. Very magical, once on d12 twice on d100
  8. Okay I get it, twice on d12 and d100
  9. Wizard went too far, 3 times d12 and d100
  10. An Artifact/Prototype/Divine of astounding power, Roll 5 times on d12 and d100 tables

A knight holds up his shield for protection as he walks toward a cave inside which a monster lies

D12 Accessory And Common Power

  1. Sword Tassel- Sword is lighter than it should be, far easier to wield 
  2. Fancy pommel- Deals bonus elemental damage, pommel glows color of element 
  3. Fancy Crossguard or Tsuba- has a bonus to parrying and defense, cannot be disarmed
  4. Paired Dagger- Either blade can summon the other back to your hand
  5. Heavily ornamented scabbard- sword is completely invulnerable while sheathed, can be used as an unbreakable shield  
  6.  Flamberge- wavy sword, has a 1-in-10 chance of shattering any non-magical weapon that parries it 
  7. Whetstone- When kept sharp and clean, the blade glows as a torch when unsheathed.
  8. Gilded Edge- The edge has been gilded with a material that is the bane of some supernatural creature
    1. Blessed Silver
    2. Accursed Gold
    3. Cold Iron
    4. Banishing Salts
    5. Hihiirokane aka Red Steel
    6. Lead
  9. Engraved Crest- Cannot harm the blade’s rightful owner or their ‘family’ as signified by the crest
  10. Serrated edge- Any strike against flesh causes severe bleeding that cannot be naturally staunched 
  11. Mouth-like engraving- Oh crap it talks.
  12. Wing-Like Crossguard- Sword can dance and fight on its own


D20 Previous Owner

  1. No previous owner, it is hot off the presses or it was abandoned by its disgruntled smith
  2. An ancient warlord of terrible renown, makes sense since you pried it from their cold dead hands in their burial mound.
  3. A juggler who used it as one of their props until a mistimed catch
  4. The Champion of [INSERT HEROIC BS HERE, I DUNNO LIGHT?], who cast the blade aside once their epic quest was finished (by victory or defeat.)
  5. Ia! Hail The Many Pierced Wyrm Who Doth Shed The Blade!
  6. One who Mastered the Blade and in doing so no longer needed it.
  7. A mad six armed, kabuki-themed, interdimensional sword collector dropped it or cast it aside for a better one
  8. Some wizard put it in a stone or an anvil or something. Why would anyone do that? 
  9. A loonie living in a pond was just giving them out to anyone who seemed keen.
  10.  A Sky Giant who dropped their favorite steak knife from their cloud-castle
  11. Some sweet person had it in their garden holding up a birdhouse.
  12. A member of a secret society of blademasters, they or their associates are probably looking for you right now.
  13. Its previous owner transformed into a dragon after accumulating too much wealth
  14. Your mentor, who has decided it was time for you to bear this burden. Alternatively you killed the old fart for their fancy sword.
  15. Dropped as random loot after killing a weird zombie, lucky!
  16. Some kid in a green tunic was smashing pots with it, how irresponsible, it had to be taken away before they poked their eye out.
  17. A Vampire! (link to vampire generator)
  18. Why in the world was there a sword inside of that clown?
  19. It was concealed in the neck of a strange band’s guitarist’s instrument 
  20. The sword was willed to itself and cannot be “owned” by anyone or anything else. It wants to retire to be a plow.

A man stands behind a spectral image of himself clutching the sword which runs through its chest


  1. Muramasa Curse- Must draw blood before it can be resheathed, cuts indiscriminately
  2. Masamune Blessing- Sword is incapable of harming the innocent or undeserving
  4. Vampiric- A deep fuller runs along this blade, it drinks the blood of its victims and restores the vital forces of its wielder
  5. Martyr’s Blade- A deep fuller runs along this blade, it drains the health of its wielder and injects it into those “cut” by it. Stabbing a dead creature of the same type through the heart will kill the wielder and revive the dead one. 
  6. Singing Sword- It sings a different tune depending upon what sort of material it strikes. Quite good for testing ores and such like.
  7. Terribly Friendly- It makes friendly compliments to anyone it hits
  8. Terribly Insulting- It makes cutting insults to…well everyone
  9. Woodwind- Can be used like an appropriately sized woodwind. The correct song summons a mecha.
  10. Demon Possessed– Sword is inhabited by a demon which can impart its powers if a deal is struck. Ultimately wants to be set free.
  11. The pommel can store a dose of any liquid, any liquid, and coats the blade with the liquid
  12. ROCKET PUNCH- The blade can be shot out with the range of a crossbow and detonates where it lands, don’t worry it’ll regrow tomorrow.
  13. Chicken’s Blade- Enhances its owner’s speed as long as it is sheathed and they are running away from something.
  14. Pen is Mightier- Tip drips ink, is faster and sharper in more scholarly hands. Will write poetry if left to its own devices
  15. Hack The World!- Can be thrust into any machinery to take control of it.
  16. Exorcising Blade- Can only be unsheathed if the Shape, Reason, and Truth of an undead creature is uncovered. It is devastatingly powerful against them. While sheathed it still makes a great club.  
  17. Disguised- The sword can disguise itself as a mundane item (such as an umbrella) until it is needed. Somehow works even with swords that are absurdly large.
  18. Mana Eater- This sword devours magic to fuel itself. Any spells targeting its wielder are half as effective (whether positive or negative) as the sword siphons stray magic. A spellcaster hit with the blade must save or lose a random spell for the day.
  19. This sword is broken into 1d6+1 pieces. Every time one is restored to the hilt roll again on this list for a restored power
  20. Black Blade- Wounds inflicted by this sword cannot be healed or regenerated without rare and powerful magic, or the breaking of the blade.
  21. -orpal- This blade cuts on a specific limb on a critical.
    1. Vorpal- Head Severing
    2. Sorpal- Left Hand Severing
    3. Dorpal- Right Hand Severing
    4. Lorpal- Leg Severing
    5. Horpal- Heart Seeking
    6. Xorpal- All Severing, randomize
  22. Monomolecular Edge- Bypasses all armor and non-magical defenses, slices through all but the most magically reinforced materials.
  23. Monothaumic Edge- Can cut through all magical defenses, destroy illusions, and is devastating to summoned creatures.
  24. Ur-Blade- This blade is a bastard replica of the Archetype of Swords and is capable of morphing into any other sort of bladed weapon given proper will and knowledge.
  25. Witch Blade- Can be flown like a broom, comes with reinforced chaps so you don’t cut your legs off. May or may not have a hobby-horse head for a hilt
  26. Regret Tempered-This sword is made of Regret Tempered Steel and possesses some of its previous owner’s skills and magic.
  27. Blade of Plenty- Anything killed for food with this blade doubles its meat/resources. Anything unused rapidly rots then sublimates after a day
  28. Revenging Blade- If the wielder of this blade is damaged, their next attack against that source of harm is doubled in strength.
  29. Avenging Blade- If the wielder of this blade is killed, anyone taking this blade will immediately know the location of their killer and every attack against the killer is doubled in power.
  30. Always a Bigger Sword- This sword changes size to match its current wielder’s preferences. Until recently its hilt was thought to be a peak in a mountain range. 
  31. Sealing Blade- Once this blade has pierced something, it can not be moved but by the hand of the rightful owner, their designated proxy, or especially powerful magics.
  32. Burning Rage- This sword slowly heats during battle, moving from a dull throbbing red to an eye-searing white. As it heats it does increasingly more fire damage, however if it reaches white-hot and is not immediately quenched after battle it will melt into slag.
  33. Petrifying- Touching the hilt of the sword petrifies a target as Gorgon. Get some heavy duty chainmail gloves and wield it by the sword end.
  34. Last Stand- The wielder of this blade can declare themselves unmovable and, as long as they grip the sword, no force barring the divine can shift them. 
  35. First Stand- The wielder of this blade can inspire others to rise against an oppressive force. As long as they lead the charge, anyone following in their wake will be immune to fear or intimidation from the focus of their fight.
  36. Weightless- This blade weighs nothing, less than nothing. I don’t know what you do about it but the pommel weighs a literal ton just to counteract the blade’s negative weight and keep it from floating off.
  37. Gamble Blade- Do not roll dice when attacking with this sword. Flip a coin. On heads, it hits. On tails it misses. If you call it, it is critical. If you call it and it is not what you called, it is a critical miss.
  38. Forgiving Blade- Any damage dealt by this sword can be undone by the wielder. Even if the damage is fatal, the wielder can undo it. The damage must be undone within a day or it becomes permanent. 
  39. Truth Reflecting Blade- The true forms of things are reflected in the blade’s surface. Shapeshifters hit by the blade must save or revert to their true form.
  40. If balanced on its side and spun, it will always stop/land with its tip pointing towards where its own considers home
  41. Swallowed Sword- This blade has no sheath, but can instead be swallowed by anyone with a mouth and retrieved to no obvious detrimental effect. They will set off detectors and be mildly magnetic if appropriate. 
  42. Time Stealing Blade- Every time this blade does damage, it steals that number of years from the target and gives it to the blade’s wielder. Every time the blade misses, however, roll damage and the wielder ages that many years
  43. Blade of the UnderKing- When the owner of this blade is killed in the act of something appropriately heroic and the blade is then broken or cast out of anyone’s reach, the former wielder will go into a stasis. They and the blade will return when they are most needed.
  44. Filth Blade- This blade exudes the sickly-sweet stench of rot and quickly attracts flies and other filth-loving vermin to it. A critical hit from this blade infects the target with a random disease, from a mild cold to a supernatural flesh-rotting plague. (Note, make disease generator.) The owner of this sword can do nothing to stop their dripping nose.
  45. Anti-Mammon Blade: This blade is infused with Liquid Debt. It deals more damage to wealthier targets. Targets that are considered “poor” or are otherwise unable to support themselves financially are unaffected by this blade entirely. It was forged from a guillotine. 
  46. Devouring Blade- Looks rusted and shoddy (even if it is made of something that shouldn’t rust), its touch rusts/decays/eats through X like the appropriate Ooze
    1. Metal
    2. Wood
    3. Flesh
    4. Stone
    5. Anything Man Made (leaving natural things alone)
    6. Religious Icons of all sorts (holy/unholy and otherwise)
  47. Rift Blade- Can, once a day, cut a rift between dimensions. Roll a 20, on a critical the rift is permanent and must be repaired by a licensed time/space contractor. 
  48. Grow Blade-Can be planted like a sapling and it will grow into a tree fruiting with an army’s worth of non-magical blades over the course of a fortnight. These weapons will ripen, go soft, and rot within a week of harvest.
  49. Head Blade- If this sword is plunged into the neck of a decapitated creature, the sword will take control of it. The sword is actually a Swerda named Parry-Parry-Lunge and is thankful for your help in finding it a body.
  50. Blade of Ultimate Loyalty- Some blades can talk and some blades are possessed by the spirits of former owners. This blade is possessed by a dog. It will do most anything a dog will do given training, patience, and love. Bounces about on its hilt when not carried and will fiercely defend its owner if they are unconscious.
  51. Casket Keeper- When a target is killed by this sword, they are miniaturized and stored as an embellishment on the hilt. The wielder can return them to normal at will. Popular among bounty hunters. 
  52. Ring Blade- 9 rings of different metals are pierced through the back of this blade. By experimenting with placement of the rings the wielder can change the weapon’s heft and chopping power. Some combinations may also unlock additional hidden powers.  
  53. Star Blade- A random constellation is engraved on this sword. Once per day the supernatural being depicted by that constellation can be called upon for temporary assistance. Can be used a number of times equal to the number of stars before the blade must be ritually recharged. (note to self, constellation generator)
  54. Wind Blade- As long as the wielder is at peak health, their strikes create a slicing burst of wind that can damage targets within a shortbow’s range.
  55. Mimic Blade- It is a Mimic stuck in sword form, if you treat it with respect it’ll split sidewise and bite enemies instead of slashing. They won’t expect that will they?!
  56. Far Sight Blade- By holding the hilt up to one’s eyes and speaking an incantation, the wielder can get brief glimpses of their companions current whereabouts. 
  57. Sleep Sword- Rather than damaging its targets, the Sleep Sword saps them of their energy until they pass out. A target who is asleep by the blade can be pierced through the heart with it and will remain asleep and in stasis for as long as it remains.
  58. Sea-Slashing Sword- Water slashed by this blade will remain parted for a day, it is about as effective as cutting through a jungle with a machete.
  59. Swiss Army Sword- This sword can be bent and manipulated into essentially any basic tool with limited moving parts. A big pair of shears would work, a pulley would not. Has a toothpick in the hilt.
  60. Blade of Four Causes- Works once per target, when something is struck with this blade, roll to learn
    1. What is it made of- Material Cause
    2. What sort of thing is it- Formal Cause
    3. Who or what caused it to Be- Efficient Cause
    4. What is its end purpose/goal- Final Cause
    5. All Four- This also tells the wielder the target’s True Name
    6. Nothing
  61. Blade of Dismemberment- Any part cut away by this blade continues to function as though it were still part of the whole. Can be put back together with minor healing magic. Popular among thespians and torturers. 
  62. Blade of Bonds- If two or more creatures slash their palms and make an oath on this blade, they will be unable to break the oath without all who are bound it knowing. The blade is twice as deadly against oathbreakers.
  63. Blade of Broken Bondage- While this blade is average in most of its capabilities, it is able to break any chain or means of bondage in a single stroke. Feared by Gods and Slavers alike.
  64. The Killer Killer- This blade deals a point of damage for each life taken by the target. It is therefore insubstantial to most civilians but is instantly lethal to many monsters (both of the human and inhuman sort.) The blade can only be used 1d4 times before it shatters beyond repair.
  65. Hunger Sharpened Blade- This blade appears perfectly ordinary, but it becomes increasingly vicious and deadly day by day as its wielder starves. Resets if its wielder eats anything.
  66. The Goat’s Blade- This blade deals damage as a normal blade, but each time it strikes it also purges a target of a random disease, curse, or sin. The sword becomes increasingly menacing looking as it absorbs these evils. Should it ever be sundered all the malice stored within will be released.
  67. Shock Absorbing Blade- This blade is strangely rubbery and quite ineffective as a blade normally. If used to parry an attack, however, it instantly responds to the attack with its own equal strength to the original strike. 
  68. Returning Blade- This blade will always return to its wielder through extraordinarily mundane means. Left behind it will assuredly be picked up by someone, carted off, put through a number of hands, and eventually end up with its owner once more. Takes 1d6(exploding) days to come back.
  69. The Lover’s Blade- This blade can be snapped in half down the middle and shared as two swords. The wielders are able to share their senses and combine their combat prowess as long as they are defending one another.
  70. The Sharpest Sword- This blade is THE SHARPEST. It is so sharp that it must be kept within a magically bound void-sheath at all times. If unsheathed and used, the blade splits all the atoms along the path of its arc. A fireball (as powerful as your system allows and then some) explodes centered on the wielder and irradiates the surrounding land. (I know this isn’t actually how atom bombs work)
  71. Fractal Branching Sword- This blade branches fractally when it is swung to ensure that its target is struck. When an attack misses, the blade splits into countless smaller blade-threads which deal fractions of the original damage (depending on how much the attack missed by) in a splash area around the target.  
  72. Fate Severing Sword- This blade is able to cut the golden threads of fate, forcing reality to reweave itself to compensate. Once per day it is able to rewrite a critical role (success or failure) or add an element of random chance to an otherwise certain event. Can be shattered to make a much more significant change in Fate.
  73. The Sought Sword- This blade is especially opulent and fine, attracting attention from far and wide. Any who witness this sword unsheathed (and fail a check of some sort) are instantly infatuated with it and will do everything in their power to obtain it. This could range from attempting to purchase it to killing the current owner and stealing it.
  74. The Silencing Sword- This blade is able to chop soundwaves, effectively silencing (or at least turning to meaningless static) any noises. Having it openly drawn is enough to silence its wielder, but it must be actively swung to cut out other sounds. Sound based magic can be countered as well.
  75. Anathema Athame- This black hilted blade is not meant for the drawing of blood, but instead is capable of severing divine links. When a caster who derives their power from a deity or spirit is struck with this they are unable to access that power for a (preferred unit of time) equal to the damage dealt. A critical hit severs their access to that power for the rest of the day. Spiritual entities (angels, devils and the like) take significant extra damage from this blade
  76. Immaculate Blade- This blade cannot be dirtied or tarnished in any way. Also holds antibacterial properties that would be handy if you were fighting a 10 foot tall amoeba. 
  77. Steroid Sword- This blade refuses to be wielded by anyone but the buffest. Anyone wielding the sword immediately bulks up to their standard physical limitations, and then some if they’re already at that point. (18/00+). Their hair also falls out, they must check against flying into a Rage at the start of any combat, and save once a week against a fatal heart attack. They also feel horribly itchy in anything more than a loincloth.
  78. Adventure Blade- This sword was forged for a specific adventurer on a specific quest. Outside of the pursuit of that quest the sword is rather shoddy, but if used as part of that quest the blade is incredibly powerful (plot item level?) Unfortunately the adventures tend to be very niche.
  79. Soul Manifesting Blade- This sword looks fairly ordinary until it is used to pierce the art of its wielder. If they survive a self inflicted critical hit the sword transforms into something unique in power and appearance befitting of its owner. It may had additional forms that will unlock over time.
  80. Hungry Blade- This sword eats other swords and takes on their abilities. It can only hold one other ability at a time, but it can be released to eat another sword at any time. The sword being eaten must be broken by the Hungry Blade and it is therefore more difficult to do it in the midst of combat.
  81. Illusionist’s Blade- This sword is exactly as powerful as someone who is struck by it thinks it might be. If, however, any time during the combat target disbelieves in the blade’s power the sword immediately becomes an empty hilt for that target.
  82. Shuddering Sword- This blade is constantly vibrating. When this sword is parried or is blocked by armor, the vibrations travel into the target and unpleasantly rattle them. They must save (or something similar) to avoid letting go of their weapon or becoming nauseous. 
  83. Lightning Rod- Any electrical attacks or natural lightning in the area is immediately drawn to this blade. It is immune to this damage but it does not confer this to its wielder.
  84. Brewer’s Blade- This blade looks like it was forged by a drunken smith with hiccups. Strangely, the more inebriated its wielder is, the more effective it is in combat. A stone cold sober wielder will find it impossible to use without hurting themselves.
  85. Sleeping Sword- This blade refuses to be unsheathed as long as its wielder is awake, making it about as effective as a club. However if the wielder attacked in their sleep, even magically enforced sleep, the sword will lift its wielder up and fight while they snooze. The Sleeping Sword can also be brought into dreams and telepathic combat.
  86. Sword of Peril- While this blade functions as an absolutely fine, mastercrafted sword, its true power is to invoke a sense of increasing dread. A target not engaged with combat with you can be shown the sword and (upon failing a save or some such) will be filled with an ever increasing sense of dread, as though the weight of myriad unseen enemies were pressing down upon them. Their morale will decrease steadily until they go into a blind panic.
  87. Sword of Stolen Shades- Anything struck by this sword loses all of its color as it is absorbed into the blade. The sword can then be used to draw out a perfect likeness of what it struck or recolor a target with the stolen color. Can only hold so many images depending upon the size of the blade.
  88. The Ploughshare- This blade, when slashed at the ground, creates perfectly tilled 30’ long furrows. It even causes various buried stones and near-surface objects to be cast out of the furrow. Does not function on ground that would be too hard for an actual plough to till.
  89. Swarm Sword- Once a day this sword can shatter into a flying swarm of sharp shards that move at its weilder’s command, attacking as a swarm of hornets would. Dousing the blade in poison previously will confer that poison to the swarm’s stings.
  90. Blameless Blade- When a target is hurt by this blade, they must save or attribute the damage to some other source other than the sword. Popular among thieves and assassins,
  91. Blatant Blade- When this blade is unsheathed, it immediately calls the attention of anyone who can see it. Unlike its related Sought Sword, the Blatant Blade instead immediately singles its wielder out as the greatest present threat. Anyone unable to resist (save or whatever) must react as appropriate, redirecting their attacks or fleeing as appropriate to/from them.
  92. Masquerade Blade- When this blade is drawn its wielder is immediately wreathed in an identity hiding but highly recognizable disguise such as a tuxedo and an opera mask or I dunno Sailor Oerth or something. Go Zorro on some folks.
  93. Switch Blade- Every time this blade is swung its wielder swaps places with a designated ally. 
  94. Foley Foil- All the noises produced by this blade, from the clang against armor to the shing of being unsheathed sounds like it is being produced by an amatuer foleyartist.
  95. Circadian Sword- This sword changes from dagger to longsword to greatsword over the course of the day. A dagger from Midnight to sunrise, Longsword till Noon, Greatsword till evening etc.
  96. Swordfish- That’s right, a big stuffed swordfish. Roll on the table again to get another quirk. If fully immersed in water it will come back to life and make its escape while retaining all of its sword quirks. 
  97. Sword chucks- Roll 2 magic swords, they’re attached at the hilts by a chain and are terribly hard to use effectively but hey they look neat.
  98. Screw it! It is a CHAINSAW SWORD HOW ABOUT THAT?!
  99. Bi-furcated Blade- Roll two swords, each act as stand alone or can be combined into one ULTRASWORD
  100. The Archetype of Swords- Ignore everything else. This is a piece of sharpened flint. It fits your hand comfortably. It feels right. It was made for killing. You were made for Killing. This “blade” deals damage as a dagger, always hits, and always kills on a critical. Its owner cannot tell friend from foe and is driven by bloodlust and an urge for conquest. 

A swordfish is seen jumping out of a wave to run another fish through with its billEndowed with a fearsome figure

A knight carrying a sword and a shield is falling upside down in a black void

Arthur receives the sword Excalibur from the hand of the Lady of the Lake

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