Mech by Alex Ichim

AND NOW (thanks to an anonymous pal) WITH AN AUTOMATED BUTTON!



d2 AI

  1. Sentient
  2. Sapient  

d4 Weight Class

  1. Featherweight – Power Loader or Tron Bonne’s Gustaff, any smaller is than this is Power Armor
  2. Middleweight
  3. Heavyweight
  4. Super Heavyweight- Megazord sized, Skyscraper sized for fighting Godzilla

d6 Mode of Movement

Big Dog by Eddie Mendoza
  1. Treads
  2. Wheels
  3. Legs 2 or 2d10! of them
  4. Mag-lev
  5. Jet Boosters
  6. Drill

d8 Original Purpose

  1. Transport
  2. Scouting
  3. Repair
  4. Mining/Farming/Harvesting
  5. Medic
  6. Communications/Radio
  7. Pleasure/Hobby/Racing
  8. Combat

d10 Primary Weapon

  10. AGRICULTRUAL EQUIPMENT (Combined Harvesters are terrifying) 

d10 Aesthetic

  1. Bioengineered

    Heavy Mech 2 by Robbie Trevino
  2. Scrapyard/Homemade 
  3. American Muscle
  4. Nippon Sleek
  5. Exceedingly Complicated
  6. Spartan
  7. Extremely Alien
  8. Animal 
  9. Spherical
  10. Mass Produced (Zaku zaku)

d12 Flaws

  1. Top Heavy
  2. Designed for Zero G
  3. Complicated Controls
  4. Complex Startup Sequence
  5. Limited Energy Reserves
  6. Slow/Clunky
  7. Lightly Armored
  8. Exposed Cockpit
  9. Hyper-Specialized
  10. Weapons have long recharge time, or tendency to jam
  11. Causes significant physical/emotional strain on pilot
  12. Has a terrible reputation

d20 Pilot Background

  1. Fighter Pilot
  2. Career Officer

    Mech Pilot by Kory Lynn Hubbell
  3. Farmer
  4. Student
  5. Uplifted Animal
  6. Negotiator
  7. Space Pirate
  8. Empath
  9. Android
  10. Assassin
  11. Posthuman
  12. Rebel
  13. Confused Child
  14. Out of Place Alien
  15. Hacker
  16. Test Pilot
  17. Stowaway
  18. Grease Monkey
  19. Journalist
  20. Roll Again, that roll and also a clone. Roll 20 Twice, its the clone of someone famous. 

d100 Quirk

  1. Transformer- Reroll another mecha, alternate form.
  2. Super Sentai- Reroll 1d6+1 mechas, they can fuse together gaining all of abilities and boosting the weightclass.
  3. Civilian Mode- Can transform into a similar appropriate civilian vehicle
  4. Hacker Module- Is equipped to be especially proficient in hacking systems and other mechas.
  5. Unusual Power Source
    2. Miniature Singularity
    3. Solar Power
    4. MEAT
    5. Weird Alien Crystals 
    6. Recycled Food Truck Oil
  6. This mecha acts as the pilot module for a significantly larger mecha.
  7. Has Alternative Transport Modes, roll d6 again. If repeat, roll twice more and so on.
  8.  Escape Pod- Cockpit can detach into a tiny escape shuttle
  9. Drift Compatible- Roll Two Pilots, they pilot it together, Pacific Rim style
  10. Autopilot- Can take limited actions by itself or be controlled remotely 
  11. Unleashed AI- Can be fully autonomous 
    1. Rogue- Pilot is dead or disabled, AI has its own priorities 
    2. Child-like- AI has a strong sense of wonder and curiosity
    3. Mission Locked- AI pursues its given mission with cold machine efficiency
    4. Non-Human Person- Wants to be treated as any other person and will react accordingly
    5. Lover- AI has fallen in love with its pilot
    6. Alien- AI acts under a non-human logic structure. 
  12. Cockpit smells of
    1. Pine
    2. Fish and Chips
    3. New Mecha Smell
    4. Old Pizza
    5. Soy Sauce
    6. Entirely Too Many Candles
  13. Cramped Cockpit- The pilot pretty much needs to curl into a ball in there
  14. Life Support- The mecha is the only thing keeping the pilot out of a coma and/or alive
  15. Berserk Mode- If severely damaged, Mecha goes into an animalistic rage
  16. Speaker System- Has an extremely loud megaphone installed in the head
  17. Motion Capture- Mecha mimics the movements of their pilot 
  18. Impossibly Graceful- Mecha moves with the scaled up speed and grace of a martial artist
  19. Force Field Generator- Mecha can generate a Force Field capable of deflecting most attacks, has limited energy
  20. Absolute Terror Blade- Equipped with a dagger capable of cutting through force fields and most anything else too
  21. Puppet Gun- Cockpit has a human scale gun-like remote for controlling the mecha’s BFG
  23. Wings- Do these things actually make it more aerodynamic? Probably not. Do they make it look cool? Hell Yeah!
  24. Overclocking- Mecha can boost its all around power significantly at the cost of overheating itself.
  25. CHAINSAW ARMS- Do I really need to describe this further?
  26. MISSILE APOCALYPSE- Mecha can unfold numerous silos across its body to fill the sky with scatter missiles.  
  27. Musical Summoning- Pilot can summon their mecha from afar with a big conch shell horn or a knife-flute.
  28. Tractor Beam- Mecha can lock onto objects and drag them towards itself
  29. THEME SONG- Mecha blares its own theme song from an integrated sound system.
  30. Custom Melee Weapon
    1. Scythe
    2. Bladed Yo-Yo
    4. Piston Hammer
    6. Monomolecular Whip
  31. Self Repair Protacol- Can repair itself via nanomachines or some other method
  32. Modular- Parts can be easily ejected and switched out. 
  33. Reactive Armor- If mecha takes a substantial hit, the outer armor jettisons to soften blow. Best against explosive weapons
  34. Ramjet!- Mecha can active a jet booster to achieve extreme velocity in a straight line
  35. TAKE OFF!- Mecha can enter orbit under its own power. 
  36. Pressurized- Mecha can survive extreme atmospheric pressure such as in the deep ocean
  37. Expanded Scanners- Mecha can “see” through solid objects using a combo of x-ray, thermal, and motion detection 
  38. Orbit Scanning- Mecha is connected to a satellite that provides it a continuous eagle’s eye of their area
  39. ORBIT GUN- Mecha is connected to a satellite that can provide A HUGE DAMN LASER BARRAGE, long recharge.
  40. Smokescreen- Can release a mist or smokescreen, interferes with electromagnetic as well as visual detection. 
  41. Camouflage- Mecha has camouflage paint works reasonable well in one environment as long as it is immobile.
  42. Chameleon Camouflage- As above, but the pattern and colorization can change on its own to match.
  43. Thermoptic Camouflage- Can become completely invisible, some distortion due to movement and shadows. Near complete invisibility. 
  44. Tactical Shield- Mecha possesses a fold-out shield.
  45. Heat Seeking Missiles
  46. Mass Driver Sniper Rifle- Mecha sized sniper rifle, fires armor piercing depleted uranium shots
  47. Autonomous Laser Drones- Mecha can launch 5d20 autonomous drones equip with lasers
  48. Gravity Well Generator- Mecha equipped with Gravity Grenades that increase local gravity 10x. 
  49. Shoulder Turrets- Equipped with 1d6 additional turrets that can be controlled by crew or internal systems
  50. Neural Link- Pilot can feel and manipulate the mecha as though it were their own body, pain feedback from mecha when damaged.
  51. Carrier- Contains a number of smaller mecha or vehicles that can be deployed.
  52. Redundant Systems- Backup power and systems allow the mecha to function even when otherwise severely damaged
  53. Paracausal Weapon- This mecha is equipped with an experimental weapon that defies causality and logic, little is capable of defending against a paracausal weapon but another paracausal weapon.
  54. Anchors- Anchors on chains fire from the waist of this mecha to hold it stable. Could also be used offensively. 
  55. Basilisk Memetic- Mecha is equipped with Kill-Memes which can be hacked into an enemy’s display to disrupt or kill the pilot directly 
  56. Parallel Space Container- Mecha has access to a pocket of Parallel Space that larger inside than within. Bag of Holding Protocol
  57. Parallel Space BlinkTech- Mecha can slip into Parallel Space for short jumps, essentially short ranged teleportation.
  58. Eye Beams- Twin Precision Lasers fired from the eyes.
  59. Cape- This mecha has a big billowing cape. It can probably be pulled around as a defensive shield, or it might just look cool
  60. Space-Folded Origami- When not in use, the mecha can fold itself down into a palm sized activator with most of its mass shunted into Parallel Space.
  61. Power Limiter- Mecha has internal protocols that bind its power to human limits. Releasing the limiter increases the mecha’s capabilities fifty fold but is almost inevitably deadly to the pilot and mecha alike.
  62. Ablative Armor- Thin outer layers of armor disintegrate and disperse energy of attacks. Best against directed energy weapons.
  63. Ansible- Equipped with FTL communication technology.
  64. Tesla Generator- Can generate bolts of lightning 
  65. BFS- A sword that is bigger even than the mecha. 
  66. Companion Bot- Mecha is driven with the assistance of a robotic companion such as R2-D2 or Dorothy Wayneright 
  67. Bullet Hell- Every possible surface of the mecha can fire a storm of small arms bullets.
  68. Mechanical Lifeform- This mecha is actually a mechanical lifeform. 50/50 chance of being willing or shackled to a control unit
  69. Codpiece Cannon- There is a cannon that is humorously shaped and placed
  70. Uncertainty Mechanism- The mecha has a big button that can be pressed once to fold time/space to provide just the right tool/weapon for a situation
  71. Magic Super Science- Take a random spell from your favorite fantasy game, this mecha can “cast” it with its SUPER SCIENCE.
  72. Scavenger- This mecha can directly and immediately integrate any stolen technology into itself.
  73. SWEET RIDE- Cockpit is a vintage muscle car, mecha is cherry red or metallic blue with flames
  74. Fear Engine- This mecha has been designed to look as much like a thing out of nightmares as possible.
  75. Deadman Switch- Most mecha have a self destruct button, this one is tied to a thermonuclear bomb and the pilot’s delta waves.
  76. Thicc Armor- This mecha is just really damn thick, holy smokes. Great at soaking up melee and ballistic attacks.
  77. LADY LIBERTY- Mecha normally hides as a beloved national monument until it is needed for combat
  78. SOLAR FLARE- Mecha can create an blinding light that interferes both with sight and electronic tracking for a short time.
  79. Heliobeam- Mecha can project a powerful sustained heat ray, less immediately powerful than a laser but can be sustained as long as the mecha has energy. 
  80. Pompadour Missile- Mecha has a pompadour that is also a warhead. Why not?
  81. Omni-Combiner- Mecha can combine with any other mecha provided willingness of pilots.
  82. Duel Protocol- Mech can upload a virus into an enemy mecha and force it to be unable to change its target from it.
  83. Dual Protocol- Mecha can split into two independent mecha, one is either remote or automatically piloted.  
  84. Earthquake Generator- Mecha can use a seismic hammer to create earthquakes
  85. Blackbox- Mecha has an indestructible blackbox with the secret codes
  86. Betterman! The Pilot is the Mecha, they transform after eating a weird berry.
  87. Weirdly Sexy? The Mecha’s design is strangely very sexy.
  88. Dance Battle- The Mecha was preprogrammed with 10 dance routines. 
  89. Demonic Influences– Mecha is designed based on a demon and may be influenced by it. 
  90. Sensory Overload- The pilot experiences the senses of the Mecha directly, but the Mecha was designed for creatures with a broader sensory range than humans. Human pilots experience synesthesia. 
  91. Zombie Mech- Other mechas damaged by this Mecha are infected with a virus that corrupts its systems and can spread to more. 
  92. Tuner- Tuned to extremely tight tolerances, allowing it to push further and harder than normal. Requires regular intensive maintenance though.
  93. Nanoswarm- Mecha is actually made of many hundreds of thousand nano machines. 
  94. Haunted- The minds of previous pilots have been imprinted on the Mecha, they occasionally offer advice or take control.
  95. Last Word: When the Mecha takes fatal damage, it latches onto its attacker and explodes.
  96. ULTIMATE WEAPON: Has a one shot city-decimating super weapon that sacrifices the mecha in the process.
  97. Heavy Arms- Roll 3 times on Primary Weapon and again on Quirks. 
  98. Doomed Upgrade- Roll on Quirks list 5 times and Flaws list 3 times
  99. SUPER PROTOTYPE- Roll on Quirks list 10 times
  100. PIERCE THE HEAVENS! Roll on the quirks list every time the pilot gives a MANLY SHOUT, no upper size limit. 
RX-78 MK15 by John Kim
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3 thoughts on “D100+ Mecha Generator

  1. GOOD

    I got a sentient, featherweight, multi-legged, transport, flamethrower, animal, exposed cockpit. So clearly it is a DRAGON that you RIDE ON. AWESOME.

    Another: middleweight, mag-lev, transport, agricultural equipment, animal, slow. Some kind of floating, slowly moving thing that has a bunch of harvesting equipment. Oh! It’s a jellyfish. Giant metal-jellyfish that blobs along, sucking things up with whirring harvesters. AWESOME.

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