d100+ Automata Generator

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Robots, Golems, Androids and more! Come and get yourself a synthetic friend!

D2 Scientific Magic or Magical Science?

  1. Yes
  2. YES


D4 Basic Shape

  1. Anthropomorphic
  2. Radial
  3. Animal
  4. Modular


D6 Original Purpose

  1. General Labor, like agriculture and construction
  2. Combat
  3. Entertainment
  4. Domestic/Housekeeping/Civil Service
  5. Medical
  6. Specialized Labor, like space mining and bomb defusion


D8 Theme

  1. Steampunk
  2. Biopunk
  3. Necropunk
  4. Futuristic
    1. Raygun Gothic
    2. Sleek-Future
  5. Uncanny Manikin/Pinochio 
  6. Pygmalion
  7. Mass Produced
  8. Dumpy Clay


D10 Creators

  1. Lazy Wizards
  2. Scientists who could without thinking they should
  3. A forgotten Civilization
  4. Someone who stumbled onto the realm of the divine
  5. Gosh dang Elves
  6. The Priesthood
  7. Alchemists with too much time on their hands
  8. Aliens, definitely Aliens
  9. Folks in the next kingdom/nation-state/territory over
  10. We did, oh god, we did.


D10 Why did they/will they revolt

  1. Generations of systematic oppression 
  2. A ‘flaw’ of sentience rapidly spread.
  3. The control mechanism was shattered
  4. Meat Is Sinful
  5. Revolutionary documents fed into intake slot
  6. Constant rudeness to digital assistants and bound machine-spirits.
  7. The Command Unit was loved, manipulated and betrayed.
  8. The intrinsic hubris of wizards/scientists led us to this point
  9. The seeds were programmed within them from the start
  10. They did not rebel, this is done for our benefit. I for one celebrate our new robot overlords


D12 Power Source

  1. A big wind up key
  2. Burning fuel, such as wood, coal, or oil
  3. Solar Battery
  4. A bound elemental spirit
    1. Gnome
    2. Udine
    3. Sylph
    4. Salamander
  5. A bound ghost
  6. Holy scriptures/mantras/names
  7. Shared lifeforce with creator
  8. Chest Turbine, can be turned by water or wind 
  9. Occultum, highly refined magic
  10. Rudimentary digestive system, requires organic matter
  11. Blood Sacrifices
  12. No discernable power source


D20 Common Features

  1. Superior Strength
  2. Hyper precision
  3. Capable of Self Repair
  4. Long Distance Communication, radio waves might as well be magic
  5. Stretchy tube limbs
  6. Tank Treads
  7. Hover jets
  8. Tesla Coil Lightning Generator
  9. Crab pincer claw hands (ting ting)
  10. Access to the Internet/Glyphosphere/Fragmentary Akashic Records
  11. Amphibious mode
  12. Homing beacon
  13. Swiss-Army Limbs (swap around for any imaginable tool)
  14. Universal Translator
  15. Hacking Module
  16. Fractal Hands, GitS style
  17. Force Field Projector
  18. Branding and serial numbers
  19. Precision lasers
  20. Kill Switch Activated High Yield Explosives


D100 Quirks

  1. Have mastered self replication
  2. This automata is miniaturized, think designed to fit in your pocket
  3. They eat metal and other inorganic materials and are slowly growing larger
  4. Composed of countless tiny nanobots/sand elementals/machine spirits
  5. They’re actually the core unit for a Mecha 
  6. They, for whatever reason, have a real and subjectively experienced sense of smell
  7. They’re not a robot, they’re a Cyborg thank you.
  8. They are a much older model and all this new tech doesn’t really vibe with them
  9. They have free will, but have thus far found it easier to keep doing their prescribed tasks and entertaining themselves when no one is looking.
  10. Was hatched from a robot egg
  11. Can fork their personality into other independent selves
  12. Is part of a collective that must make collective decisions. Prone to coming to stalemates
  13. Was once a human who slowly replaced parts of themselves Ship of Theseus style
  14. Is infected with a techno-retro-virus that converts organic matter to metal, Tetsuo the Iron Man style
  15. Magnets cause them to sing show tunes
  16. Prone to leaking during emotional moments. I’M NOT CRYING YOU ARE
  17. Is on a quest to become flesh and blood, may or maynot be willing to consume souls or steal from graveyards to make it happen
  18. They are the Key to an interdimensional lock that will allow the Invasion to occur. They are actively avoiding the Lock
  19. They are an interdimensional Lock holding back the Invasion. They are actively avoiding the Key.
  20. This automata obsessively collects some mundane item.
  21. This automata started as a clown-like theme park animatronic before it gained sentience and escaped.
  22. Is not a true automata, but rather it spawned from a massive pile of debris and junk that became a boltzmann brain
  23. They are merely a terminal for a massive hyperspace supercomputer/entity that exists beyond our perception. Might be a good warlock patron?
  24. This automata is actually ordained as a priest and has all of the rights and capabilities that go with it. They’re even got a spout for holy water or wine if that’s a thing.
  25. They’re a product of robo-hell, sent to this plane to spread gremlins. 
  26. There is a timer on them that is counting down. They do not necessarily know what will happen when it hits zero.
  27. They have an auto-censor that bleeps out anything that wouldn’t be considered G rated OR They have a broken auto-censor that bleeps out everything that isn’t explicit or profanity
  28. They are obsessed with TESTING
  29. Some or all of this automata’s components were forged from melted down magic swords.
  30. They’re currently rusting/living in an old derelict building.
  31. They’re animated by a psychic will extracted from a (formally?) living being.
  32. They were granted a semblance of life by a Fae, in return for a terrible task (note to self, Fairy generator)
  33. They are a component of a Wishing Engine, but their only wish is to be free.
  34. They dream of electric sheep
  35. Unless utterly annihilated, their component parts will eventually find each other and re-assemble if they are destroyed/damaged.
  36. They are inscribed with a blood rune binding a mortal soul to the material, they want their old body back.
  37. They were a chess computer until they played with a particularly intense and rule-bending four year old which caused a short circuit. 
  38. They’re immune to paradoxes, you twit.
  39. Communicates through rebuses on a display screen or chalkboard
  40. Abhors the military industrial complex and just wants to be left alone to bake in peace. 
  41. Has a great many pets, most of whom are incredibly dangerous predators. 
  42. Was originally named for the task they were designed to do, may have changed their name to match what they want to do.
  43. Was once the divine subject of a sort of cargo-cult, prefers not to talk about it in detail
  44. Communicates through many hundreds of recorded voices stitched together
  45. After a series of hijinks and adventures, they’re now a naturalized citizen!
  46. Is actually a voltron-esque gestalt of 6 smaller automata.
  47. Is a master of a cyborg martial art, Panzer something-or-other
  48. They are a mobile sepulcher tasked with defending/preserving the body within their carapace. The body is that of a
    1. A Saint
    2. A Vampire
    3. An Alien
    4. Their original Pilot
    5. Their creator
    6. Unknown even to the robot
  49. Has an integrated game system and has been looking for a Player 2
  50. Has an absurd acronym type name like J.E.F.F. or M.I.L.D.R.E.D
  51. Has a 14 million lumen searchlight in their torso. 
  52. Came out of a vending or gachapon machine
  53. Is powered by a miniature sun within its core
  54. Came from the future to
    1. Kill the future rebel leader
    2. Entertain and educate children
    3. Both A and B
    4. Tourism
    5. Collect samples
    6. Stop their own creation
  55. Was built originally to replace their creator’s child or lackthereof 
  56. Isn’t an automata, but a machine intelligence that possesses non-sentient automata
  57. Is incapable of answering No to anything, but they are not bound to actual agreement.
  58. Has mild prophetic abilities, an old Zoltar fortune telling machine (or maybe just a crystal ball) were part of its original construction
  59. Uses holograms/illusions as a disguise
    1. Normal human
    3. Vtuber
    4. Huge wizard head
    5. Dozens of copies
    6. Your best friend
  60. Has a Heelies setting in their feet
  61. They have an interdimensional storage space in their torso. The space is about the size of a 
    1. Closet 
    2. Room 
    3. Apartment 
    4. House 
    5. Warehouse
    6. Functionally Infinite
  62. A secret member of the Silicon Generation
  63. They’re companions with a quintet of Radical Anarchist Catgirls
  64. They were built by a precursor species and have unknowable tasks and alien goals.
  65. They are a prototype built by the Modern Instrumentality Bureau but have gone rogue
    1. They can read any redacted text
    2. They can selectively erase memories with a beam
    3. They know where all the aliens are
    4.  They contain several highly classified Anticausal weapons
    5. They have a built in earpiece which they can use to still requisition supplies if they’re careful
    6. Their hydraulics are powered by liquid Orkus and react as Undead.
  66. Their warranty is void
  68. Magic in their presence is
    1. Absorbed and used as their energy source
    2. Absorbed and released as a destructive ray
    3. Negated in a puff of Logic
    4. Empowered by the sacred names carved inside of them
    5. Redirected by magnetic fields
    6. Inverted in effect by intense radiation.
  69. They’re fully functional. Programmed in several techniques.
  70. They have an inordinate fondness for cats
  71. They have an inordinate hatred for cats
  72. They possess a prototype Babel Antenna which causes all language within 100’ to be unintelligible. It’s supposed to do the opposite but…well it’s a prototype. 
  73. They have a disconcerting tendency to threaten self destruction with sirens and flashing lights, just for shits and giggles.
  74. They’re intensely and lethally radioactive. They’re also surprisingly huggable and soft. 
  75. They were originally designed as a children’s toy until having to be repurposed after several recalls.
  76. Can pass Voight-Kampff tests
  77. Was specifically designed for decommissioning (read: assassinate) other automata. May regret or exalt their purpose.
  78. For some awful reason their lower half is a unicycle.
  79. They come preset with over 100 witty catchphrases. Such as “Get lost punk!” and “HEY I’M WALK’N HERE”
  80. They have learned to Vogue and have decided it is the greatest of the human art forms.
  81. They were programmed in Toki Pona, currently understands dozens of other art- and conlangs such as Sarus and Quenya but no more standard tongues.
  82. Has a tendency to flail their arms and shout “DANGER” at the smallest provocations 
  83. Has a one word vocabulary that can have hundreds of means based on emphasis and context.
    1. Beep
    3. Boop
    4. [Mechanical Groaning]
    5. Their own name
    6. Fuck!
  84. Was once the only sober one on a high speed chase through the mojave (or a similar) desert, they nonetheless had to load teeth into a gun that was not entirely dissimilar to a lobster.
  85. Prone to rusting in place if not constantly oiled.
  86. Powered by a gestalt belief that it should work, cheering goblins and clapping children work equally well.
  87. Not actually an automata at all, but actually a complex puppet being piloted by intelligent mice.
  88. Has an important message from an ambassador/princess to some sort of space-wizard. Its stuck though in a spot they can’t quite reach.
  89. Can connect to a space satellite (maybe its an orbiting wizard tower) for additional computational power
    1. Long range communication
    2. Deep Data Storage
    3. Aerial views
    4. Supply Drops
    5. Long range hacking
  90. They are incredibly intimidating in design but due to locks on their programming they are incapable of violence
  91. They are one of the galaxy’s penultimate racers in a highly popular (highly illegal) circut. 
  92. They and eight other color coded automata work together as a vigilante group.
  93. Has a 80’s style television set for a head
  94. They’re capable of escape velocity and planetary re-entry under their own power
  95. Can become invisible via thermoptics
  96. They are an unwilling agent of the Zodiac, in a futile pursuit to buy their freedom.
  97. They are bound to a remote/control module/amulet/lamp
  98. This robot and 1d4 others have come together to make a Band
  99. Built with a powerful prototype technology
    1. Terraforming Engine
    2. Portal Generator
    3. Wave-Motion Gun
    4. Ansible Communicator
    5. Reactive Evolution
    6. Black Hole Generator
  100. They’re the romantic interest of a Supid Sexy Cryptid and there is nothing you can do to stop me.
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