d100+ Derelict Urban Location Generator


If you are an Urbex explorer, you know the most important rule is Take Nothing but Photos, Leave Nothing but Footprints.

If you are a post-apocalyptic survivor, take anything that might improve your chances and leave the rest. 


d2- Abandoned?

  1. Yes
  2. Yes?

d4 size

  1. Single Floor
  2. Multifloor- Roll 2d4 
  3. Multifloor- Roll 2d10, spread between floors and basements
  4. Complex- Roll 2d10 exploding to determine number of buildings

d6 Location

  1. Residential- Homes, Apartments, Tenements, Mansions etc.
  2. Industrial- Factories, power plants, water treatment facility, warehouse etc 
  3. Educational- Schools, campuses, kindergartens
  4. Medical- Hospitals, asylums, research facilities 
  5. Business- Storefronts, malls, offices
  6. Governmental/Military- Administrative, forts, munitions warehouses, etc

d8 Likely Human Encounters

  1. More Urban Explorers
  2. Scrappers
  3. Drug Addicts
  4. Itinerants 
  5. Graffiti Artists
  6. Loitering Teens
  7. Squatters
  8. Security

d10 Quality

  1. Pristine- Completely untouched, power and water still works
  2. Mint- Essentially unexplored
  3. Tagged- A few intrepid explorers have been here and left their mark.
  4. Wear and Tear- The age is starting to show in this place, but still has the potential to be refurbished given a sizable investment. 
  5. Tourist Destination- It is “abandoned” and folks pay to have “urban explorers” show them around.
  6. Scrapper Central- This place has been picked apart by scrappers, anything of value that wasn’t too difficult to lift has been stolen.
  7. Water Damage- A pipe burst or the rains have come in or the river has flooded, regardless the basement is full of water and everything else is damp.
  8. Fungal Infection- Mildew, mold and fungi have creeped into every surface. 
  9. Back to Nature- The elements have reclaimed this building, grass and trees push up through the tiles and animals have made their homes.
  10. Ravaged- Rust, mold, and brick dust. There is little more than a skeleton left of this building.

d10 Common Decay Hazards

  1. Crumbling floor
  2. Ceiling on the edge of collapse
  4. Exposed Wiring
  5. Poison Gas (Carbon Monoxide, Methane, etc.)
  6. Spores and birdshit 
  7. Broken Glass
  8. Flammable materials
  9. Abandoned Used Needles
  10. Infestation of Vermin

D12 Common Rumors

  1. Totally Haunted
  2. Best place in town to get a certain illicit substance
  3. Used by local cult for their rituals
  4. Slated for a demolition that never happened
  5. Is one of the last standing buildings made by a famous architect 
  6. A animal fighting ring meets here (fuck those guys)
  7. Is a popular hangout for those good-for-nothing-teens
  8. Considered a Graffiti Mecca 
  9. The building is built on cursed ground
  10. There is oil/gold/[insert precious resource here] under the building
  11. Was the site of a gruesome murder 1d20 years ago.
  12. Is actually part of a government coverup

D20 Interesting Found Objects

  1. Personal documents of prior residents
  2. A biohazard trashbag
  3. A briefcase full of counterfeit money
  4. Signed photo of a Serial Killer
  5. Yellowed and crumbling Subway Ticket dated for tomorrow
  6. An old typewriter with broken keys, a half written manuscript stacked beside it.
  7. Really terrible taxidermy
  8. A military uniform laid out neat and free of dust
  9. A balding tinsel christmas tree covered in broken lights.
  10. A dream journal written in Enochian
  11. A monkey paw ashtray
  12. A working password locked computer, Windows 95 installed
  13. Wax dummies of yesteryear celebrities.
  14. Malfunctioning animatronics 
  15. Unexploded ordnance 
    1. Hand grenade
    2. Mine
    3. Half ton blockbuster
    4. Miniaturized warhead
  16. A stash of expensive designer drugs
  17. A wax cylinder collection and a phonograph, cylinders are imprinted with Nirvana’s Nevermind album 
  18. An icepick, the sharp in is stained. 
  19. A strange book 
  20. Post Apocalyptic Loot 

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d100 Quirks/Weirdness

    1. This is a True Liminal Space and exists concurrent with the Witching Hour.
    2. Ignore everything else, it’s an amusement park
      1. Circus
      2. Western
      3. Space
      4. Water Park
      5. “Educational”
      6. Out of Date Cartoon Character Theme
    3. Yeah, it is totally really actually haunted
    4. No, it isn’t really haunted, some capitalist in a cheap novelty mask is trying to scare off people so he can buy the land for cheap and drill for oil.
    5. This location is an Empty_Map 
    6. The derro have set up an anti-MIB mind control engine in the basement.
    7. The MIB have set up a conformism mindwashing torture facility under this structure
    8. The court of cats meet here annually to make the jellicle choice, whatever that is
    9. This location is the corpse of a gigantic mimic…
    10. …the mimic was actually just asleep.
    11. The rooms switch positions any time someone falls asleep inside the structure.
    12. The laundry chutes lead to an underground cave system
    13. Ah shit, vampire coffins in the attics. 
    14. The entire building is empty but for a single table with a model of the building on it. Inside the model are figurines of anyone inside of the building.
    15. A huge tree has grown up from the foundation and broken through the roof, its limbs are heavy with strange fruit. https://thelovelydark.blogspot.com/2019/02/apple-worms-most-worms-dont-bother-with.html
    16. There are an awful lot of chalk outlines of people around here.
    17. The graffiti is cursed.
    18. The graffiti contains spells which can be learned then cast with spraypaint
    19. Location is a Theater 50% Movie 50% stage— a show is on perpetual repeat
    20. The spaces between the drywall are full of teeth in various stages of decay
    21. A party member’s name is etched into the wall along with a future date.
    22. A Trash Witch has taken residence here and would like you to kindly fuck off before she turns you into a rat. 
    23. All of the closets are full of skeletons
    24. The walls are covered in claw? marks.
    25. A complex summoning circle is drawn on the floor of one room
      1. It is incomplete
      2. It is complete and unused
      3. It is complete, dried blood indicates previous use
      4. It is complete, but some hard to detect flaw leave anything called Unbound.
      5. It is shattered, something went horribly wrong
      6. It is shattered, there is something loose in the building right now.
    26. Any whole windows look out upon a scene or location completely different from what’s actually outside
    27. A TV/VCR combo fizzes with static in one corner, a VHS sits out of the slot, it is labeled “untitled.mp4
    28. One graffiti is a Basilisk, looking at it causes almost universally fatal brain hemorrhaging.  
    29. A radio dish on the roof continues to beam a repeated message into space, a complex but archaic crystal radio is set up for listening for a response.
    30. Nuclear fallout bunker in basement
      1. Sealed and Pristine, full of supplies
      2. Sealed with a dead body inside
      3. Sealed with a highly inbred mutant clan and/or zombies inside
      4. Unsealed and emptied
      5. Unsealed and leaking radiation
      6. Unsealed, and something is loose
    31. All of the furniture is nailed to the ceiling
    32. Gravity is reversed indoors.
    33. The basement is dug out into labyrinthian tunnels, something on long long legs can be heard distantly digging and whistling
    34. Room with a large glass observation tank
      1. It is filled with water and decay
      2. It is clean and white, a few pieces of furniture and a few toys are scatted within
      3. Bloody handprints over the inside, the prints become steadily less human as one circles the tank
      4. Something is still moving around inside
      5. The glass on one side of the tank is shattered
      6. The research is still active, someone in a white labcoat pulls an alarm as you enter
    35. Room full of shattered mirrors, one mirror remains intact–it reflects everything with a half second delay
    36. A filthy decrepit shrine occupies the corner of a room, it is dedicated to
      1. A major religious figure
      2. A niche religious figure
      3. A major celebrity
      4. A minor celebrity
      5. A member of the party
      6. The Orkus
    37. A wardrobe with the 1976 Hide and Seek World Champion still inside
    38. The building is infested with Weird Bugs
    39. Ethereal piano music fills the building, one room has a HUNGRY PIANO
    40. Massive amounts of Kudzu have invaded this building, 1-in-6 chance of an Aubrey Jr., increases chances if anyone in the party knows how to sing or is a dentist 
    41. The outside facade of the building appears normal, but the inside is completely hollow. 
    42. Confetti falls from the ceiling as you enter a room, people begin clapping and cheering as a “1 Millionth Visitor” streamer unfurls. 50% None of them have eyes. 
    43. This location is NOT abandoned, it is merely a hoarder’s really shitty garage sale.
    45. A 10’ tall toddler demands you play with it or they’ll break you like its other toys.
    46. The crawl spaces of this building connect the Back Forty, a liminal space of connecting to all Unused spaces in the world.
    47. There is no top floor, climb into space and beyond. Only a few stories seen from outside
    48. Nothing can permanently die in this building, but revives in a feral rage for 1d6 hours before becoming normal again.
    49. Everything comes to life in the building, starting with organic material and moving slowly towards inorganic and manmade items.
    50. Everything rapidly decays and festers in this space, wounds do not heal, woodrot and rust consume materials.
    51. This space is stuck in a loop of a day 2d100 years ago.
    52. There is no bottom floor, descend down to hell and beyond. Theoretically go deeper than the diameter of the planet.
    53. This space looks freshly abandoned, a hot meal sits on a table, toys lay upon the floor.
    54. After 1d6 hours, hundreds of people show up for an underground battle of the bands and the place quickly turns into a mosh pit.
    55. A large open arena surrounded by barbed wire has been constructed, debauched rich assholes pit modern day gladiators against one another in blood sport.
    56. Someone has converted this place into a hydroponic farm
      1. Community vegetables 
      2. Mushrooms
      3. Weed
      4. Superweed
    57. A court of Fairies have established themselves here after their barrow/mound was paved over by a highway. They are:
      1. Dancing to ethereal instruments made of bed springs and plastic buckets.
      2. Planning war with the court in the abandoned ice cream parlour across the street.
      3. Cooing over an “infant” they have recently stolen. It is a cabbage patch kid.
      4. Turning another group of explorers into graffiti.
      5. Feasting on insects and mushrooms arrayed on golden platters.
      6. Jousting while riding on ferals dogs.
    58. Space was converted for storage of museum artifacts and was forgotten about 
    59. A leatherbound book etched with a seven fingered hand. Contains terrible magics
    60. Advanced alien tech in a big wooden crate 
    61. A gargantuan boneless giant is stuffed into the basement, it will pursue any who awaken it.
    62. Room full of casks, barrels, and aging yellowed bottles. 
    63. Stash of Wizard Drugs 
    64. An old vacuum tube radio is tuned into Radio Live Free 
    65. Nightmare Art Gallery 
    66. A biodome experiment gone wrong is behind a sealed door, the former occupants have long since forgotten the outside world.
    67. A room is full of Ghouls and a pit that leads to The Dreamlands
    68. Hundreds of bright red Christmas Island Crabs are dancing for the downfall of capitalism. Or a single very very very large hermit crab inhabiting a titanic skull.
    69. The bathroom is very cursed/haunted 
    70. An anvil sits on a stone covered in dying ivy in the center of a room. A broken splinter of a sword is jutting out of it. Nearby sits the rusted remains of the rest of the sword, the inscription, “Whomever shall hath free this blade…” barely visible.
    71. Mothman, Sasquatch, The Fresno Walker, and The Jersey Devil having tea and playing bridge.
    72. As the party enters, another similar group (only much older) dashes back out whooping in joy and shouting “Freedom!”
    73. Whoops, it’s an SCP facility. Welcome to being a Class-D or some high grad amnesia drugs
    74. A member of the party keeps catching sight of a ragged man in a rhinestone studded jumpsuit and a pompadour fleeing around the corner. 
    75. Exiting the location brings you into a world with a minor but important change in history
    76. A wardrobe is fallen over and beaten into splinters with a bloodstained ax; tufts of lion, human, and goat hair stick to the blade.
    77. An old milkcrate full of mouldering scifi paperbacks written in what appears to be the Dark Speech of Mordor.
    78. An old person of indeterminate gender and nationality is waiting here with a ramen stand. They don’t speak your language, but will serve you delicious hot noodles, soup and Sapporo while nodding meaningfully as you vent your woes. 
    79. Inhabited by a menagerie of Fantastical Beings 
    80. Thick layer of dark sludge sticks to the floor, covers it smoothly and entirely. It is…
      1. Blood – Above you hang the victims of a serial killer.
      2. Crude oil
      3. Glue – A trap set by a man-eating spider living in the ceiling. Floor is dotted with empty boots.
      4. THE ORKUS. It is slowly expanding. 
    81. An old sage lives here in squalor. Whatever wisdom they hold is hidden in the folds of their callous and abrasive personality.
    82. The place contains a workshop full of bloody saws, hammers, sewing machines, creature parts, and a dead necromancer with their head crushed against the wall. Door broken out of its hinges.
    83. This used to be a hospital, whether it was made as one or not. Exhausting mix of positive and negative residual energies.
    84. The place is highly radioactive. The reason is…
      1. It’s a nuclear power plant
      2. It was built on a failed nuclear power plant
      3. It’s a nuclear waste repository, marked with warning signs
      4. It’s an illegal nuclear waste disposal site
      5. It’s a stash of stolen highly radioactive material, priceless on the black market.
      6. Unknown.
    85. It’s slowly sinking. In 10 years it’ll be entirely submerged in the earth.
    86. It’s the unconquerable (or so he says) bastion of Tim, the Rat King.
    87. Either part of or adjacent to a dilapidated underground subway station. The tunnel is…
      1. Collapsed
      2. Open, dark and yawning.
      3. Open, illuminated by sporadic flickering lights.
      4. Inhabited by something that tore the train apart. 
    88. Flagged for demolition 1d6 days from now.
    89. A room is playing host to the bi-annual meeting of the Guild of Clown Skinners 
    90. A mass grave, but not of humans.
    91. A thorn in the side of a local bureaucrat, who can’t have it demolished because…
      1. It’s protected by an obscure patrimonium law
      2. They need clearance from their irrational and impulsive superior
      3. They’ve been threatened with murder by a dark figure should they go through with it, despite furious local demand
      4. A sentimental memory obstructs their otherwise cold and calculated business plan.
    92. Seven of the rooms have been painted and decorated to reflect the seven sins and seven virtues in contrast. 50% still very fresh 50% an old dilapidated art project.
    93. Red faced long-nosed Tengu are having a drunken party in the attic, impress them and they’ll tug off all of your moles and blemishes. Or give you all the moles and blemishes they took from the last folks.
    94. A complex rube goldberg machine runs through the entire building, parts including but not limited to hundreds of marbles, a model train, dominoes of preposterous sizes, and a trained rat.
      1. Takes a polaroid 
      2. Drops a Tom & Jerry type mousetrap 
      3. Cooks breakfast from long expired ingredients
      4. Sets off a chain reaction that collapses the building.
    96. There is no building, this place is a collective hallucination. When you realize it, you find yourself in an empty lot.
    97. A very large and very pissed opossum screams at and pursues the party through the building. It will play dead in response to any act of violence.
    98. A God is waiting here for you. 
    99. Roll 3 times
    100. Roll for each new room
  1. Weight of the World - Photo of the Abandoned Paris Catacombs


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