A skeleton hovers over a battlefield littered wit bodies giving off ribbons of vapor

Once again, all images are thanks to Old Books Illustrations.

D2 Is it a Dracula?

  1. Yes
  2. Yes

D4 Photosensitivity

  1. Must be in coffin by sunrise. Loses consciousness with the sunrise
  2. Agonizing burns, rapid disintegration 
  3. SPF600000,  a thick umbrella, and long sleeves do the trick
  4. Sparkles

A woman is running out of a church, chased by skeletons wearing clothes and wigs

D6 Blood and

  1. Human Food
  2. Meat
  3. Brains
  4. Psychic Energy
  5. Wine
  6. Nothing else


D8 Age- Give them more d20’s and d100’s the older they are

  1. Freshly Turned
  2. Their contemporaries are old and frail now
  3. Old enough to have had several identity changes
  4. Tepes Contemporary 
  5. The Thousand Year Vampire
  6. Has seen Calendar systems change over
  7. Is referenced in dead languages that few scholars remember
  8. Antediluvian/Prehistoric/Caveman Vampire- Has all the Classic Powers. 1d20 Quirks, and something unique 

Fair Melrose

D10 Spooky Lair

  1. Classic, Crumbling old castle on a cliff over a dark and treacherous sea
  2. A fancy but otherwise unassuming mausoleum 
  3. A victorian-style mansion, coffin in the sub-sub basement
  4. A castle that can teleport given time and magical resources
  5. A derelict subway car in an abandoned tunnel
  6. A penthouse, they own the whole building.
  7. Underneath a long abandoned barrow or ruin, perhaps they are ancient and awakening from torpor, perhaps they are young and have hidden themselves in the first safe place from the sun.
  8. A derelict building on the edge of an urban spawl
  9. In the 13th Hour, the eternal dreamless night of the Witching Hour
  10. An ivy engulfed duplex, rent shared between several other undead.

A knight standsat the foot of a wall over which a monster is poking its head

D10 Spooky Minion

  1. Classic model Igor
  2. Small squad of groupies/servants/familiars/mutants
  3. A lesser vampire- Roll up a vampire at least 1 age category lower
  4. A talking skull that offers snarky but wise advice
  5. Ghouls on loan from the Dream World
  6. A seemingly immortal butler of supernatural efficiency 
  7. A series of mortal Majordomos or Renfields
  8. An Imp named Jenkins
  9. A flesh-bound Demon
  10. A mad scientist and/or their hideous flesh abomination


D12 Arch Nemesis and/or Lover

  1. A Rival Vampire (Roll ‘em)
  2. A Werewolf (Note to self, Werewolf generator)
  3. A semi-immortal knight whom they owe money to
  4. Generations of Melbonts
  5. An (fallen?) angel
  6. A survivor of their mortal life
  7. A Fae Noble whom the vampire broke a deal with
  8. Their sire, come to reclaim them
  9. Their progeny, who hates what has been done to them 
  10. A rogue scientist who thinks they can cure vampirism
  11. A conspiracy theorist who uncovered something real
  12. The leader of a vast Hunter organization, maybe Abraham van Hecksing

A man roams the battlefield of Quatre Bras, leaning over the dead bodies

D20 General Powers

  1. Change to Bats
  2. Change to Wolf
  3. Change to Mist
  4. Wall Climbing
  5. Fleshcrafting
  6. Supernatural Speed
  7. Supernatural Strength
  8. Supernatural Intelligence
  9. Supernatural Charm
  10. Telekinesis 
  11. Telepathy
  12. Rapid Healing
  13. Supernatural Senses
  14. Melding into the earth
  15. Minion Mind Control/Brainwashing/Hypnosis
  16. Flight
  17. Fear Aura
  18. Grow vicious claws
  19. Paralysis Gaze
  20. Control Lesser Vampires

A group of shadowy creatures seems to come crawling down from the upper left corner of the picture

D100 Quirks

  1. Capable of siring Dhampyrs
  2. Blood Magic- The kind where you sacrifice vital forces to create hideous spells
  3. Blood Magic- The kind where you control blood like a puppet master
  4. Soul Sucking- Can feed directly on a being’s soul, can straight up eat ghosts.
  5. Absorbs the knowledge of those they drain, can specify what they seek otherwise just random fragments.
  6. Doppleganger- Can take on the forms of those they drain
  7. Dream Walker- Can manifest in the dreams of those whom they’ve touched, stronger manifestations with more interaction
  8. Necromancy- The kind where you interrogate dead folks for answers
  9. Necromancy- The kind where you raise skeletons to do your dishes for you
  10. Excellent Posture, you could measure it with a level. Lord Mark, I know you are watching.
  11. Can teleport (short/far/unimaginable) distances between shadows
  12. Psychometry- Can learn the history of an object by reading its physic residue. 
  13. Possesses a grandfather clock that acts as a permanent portal to the 13th Hour
  14. Is turned to ashes by the sun as normal, but a sufficient amount of blood poured on the ashes will revive them once more.
  15. Is truly immortal, ‘killing’ this vampire will merely banish them until the conditions are right again for them to rise
  16. Is actually a massive leech/eel/parasite thing that lives within a human flesh-suit. There is more eel than what that body should be able to fit.
  17. Their vampirism really is a virus, an alien retro-virus that has written over the body’s DNA.
  18. Isn’t actually a vampire, but is possessed by a vampiric blade.
  19. Is immune to the traditional Vampire weaknesses, but has another set of unique weaknesses
  20. Can weild and manipulate darkness as though it were a physical thing
  21. Can spend a day in the sun if they eat an entire human heart harvested with a ritual blade.
  22. Is absolutely silent as long as they wish to be
  23. Emotional Vampirism- This vampire drains blood yes, but specifically they drain a specific emotion with it and prefer those who strongly feel that emotion as targets
    1. Rage
    2. Sorrow
    3. Joy
    4. Disgust
    5. Fear
    6. One of those untranslatable niche ones, like hygge 
  24. Can transform into ‘elemental dust in moonlight’ whatever that means
  25. Cannot be bared by any lock, still subject to the invitation rule
  26. Can see the circulatory systems of their prey,
  27. Can call upon the spirits of all those they have killed as a horde of undead minions
  28. Is a Daywalker, but at night their body transforms horribly to feed
    1. Head pops off and flies into the night
    2. Torso flies off, trailing intestines
    3. Skin peels off, and their blood red spirit seeks breath and blood
    4. Turns into a terrible man-bat hybrid
    5. A slinking, squirming circulatory system
    6. An elemental thing of Blood and Shadow
  29. Has an escape rocket to the dark side of the moon that they’re still trying to fuel.
  30. Vampirism has given them immortality but not eternal youth and they appear now as a withered corpse of their former self.
  31. Can project wind or a psychic barrier to deflect projectiles.
  32. Can summon up great storms and cause minor natural disasters 
  33. Has access to advanced and strange sciences far advanced of what is otherwise available.
  34. Can, with the correct ceremony, create a localized lunar eclipse 
  35. Can drain the magic from spellcasters, learning one of their spells at random at each feeding
  36. They are truly immortal and cannot be killed by any means, but they are also incapable of healing from any wound, fated to be grown to dust over the centuries
  37. Has trouble with centuries of slang and lingual drift/
  38. Degenerates slowly into feral mindlessness if they’ve not fed.
  39. Can command all varieties of vermin 
  40. They prefer to feed on those under the influence of any variety of substances, feeling a distant echo of their high.
  41. Pyrokinesis- Control over fire is something that makes this vampire feared even by other vampires
  42. Can astrally project themselves while they sleep or are in torpor 
  43. Has made multiple demonic pacts that they can call upon.
  44. Instead of traditional fangs has:
    1. A mouth FULL of sharp teeth
    2. A proboscis tongue 
    3. Mouths on their palms
    4. Sideway splitting mandibles 
    5. Hypodermic claws
    6. Unhinged jaws that can take huge chunks of meat off or swallow small prey whole
  45. Doesn’t need blood any longer, however has a singular indulgence they MUST obsess over or be overcome with bloodlust.
  46. Is indifferent to religious iconography but is hideously afraid of clowns
  47. Obtained their vampirism through Alchemy and remains a master of that art
  48. Know a few words of the First Tongue and has gathered several True Names, these powers are awesome in their might but devastating to the vampire to use
  49. Knows the Last Word, but using it would mean their own destruction as well
  50. Kerimancer- Can magically manipulate wax and candles, possesses several candle based magical items such as Time Bewitching Incense, Thieve’s Candle, and Hands of Glory
  51. Can warp space in limited ways to modify distances and repel attackers
  52. Possesses a vast breeding pit of hideous and bizarre monsters to call upon
  53. Turns to stone when ‘killed’
  54. Rides a Terrible Steed for some awful reason.
  55. Lives in an infinite everchanging haunted mansion.
  56. Has a strange compulsive phobia
  57. Anywhere they live slowly corrupts and the land becomes a tormented hellscape.
  58. Is a collector of texts, their extensive library contains numerous rare and dangerous texts
  59. Ignore age roll, this vampire is not only prehistoric but belongs to a long gone epoch, it is fossilized and feral, its mind driven mad by a million years beneath the crust of the earth
  60. Has poker once a month with a mummy, a werewolf, and a fishman from some lagoon or another
  61. Can materialize a variety of bladed weapons they’ve collected over the centuries
  62. Can screech at glass shattering, eardrum bursting decibels 
  63. Can turn their cape as hard as steel and as sharp as a scalpel (Of course they have a cape!)
  64. Is damned to continuously have their mortal love reborn and die just outside their grasp
  65. Possesses two very large pistols and refers to themselves as a “fother mucking” vampire
  66. Has a hatred of their own kind and actively works against them
  67. Has a dullahan driven stagecoach (or hearse) 
  68. Their saliva is a potent drug that forms terrible addictions
  69. Is partnered with a Juxubus–that is a -Cubus that is a switch rather than a In/Top or Succ/Bottom
  70. Has a deal with Death, who has lent the vampire a fragment of Itself as a minion
  71. Can travel through mirrors of adequate size
  72. Keeps a number of hellhounds and goes on Wild Hunts with them on New Moons
  73. .Purposefully presents themselves to the world at large in the style of an absurd theatrical Bela Lugosi manner. Mortals largely assume they’re eccentric but harmless. 
  74. Doesn’t have any sort of tragic backstory or anything, sorry y’all, just here for the blood
  75. Is able to instantly read the surface thoughts of any but those with exceptional wills, cab purposefully focus their wills to push harder and deeper
  76. Is not truly a vampire but a Fext, who feed via being a part of bloodshed rather than drinking blood itself. Only weapons and armaments made of glass have lasting effects.
  77. Are contorted into rigour mortis stiffness if they cannot drain the breath from their victims
  78. Is a terrible bloodthirsty spirit inhabiting a corpse, when this one is no longer useful it will move onto the next body.
  79. Is unstuck in space/time and has uncanny, if muddled, knowledge of the past, present and future.
  80. Is cursed with the feeding habits of a Hungry Ghost and must feed on
    1. Pus and Bile
    2. Feces
    3. Embers (which actively hurt them)
    4. Rotten sacrifices
    5. Poison
    6. Fat
  81. Is a graduate of The Scholomance, possesses vast magical power and might know a dragon
  82. Is able to pass their vampirism on to animals
  83. Is an Ardent of Limos, the Incarnation of Hunger, and has a stomach that is a literal bottomless pit.
  84. Has super-rabies on top of vampirism. 
  85. Has a side gig as a detective, what? Vampires love puzzles
  86. Is a master of cartomancy, not only capable of tarot-based oracles but also capable of strange effects based on drawn cards 
  87. Is a flesh-suit hosting the will of The Orkus, the rot at the end of the world
  88. Seeks out and drains other Vampires, gaining their powers and memories
  89. Can teleport but crawling into an animal and bursting out of another
    1. Wolves
    2. Crows
    3. Rats
    4. Cows
    5. Humans
    6. Anything Larger than a Pug
  90. Can spit intensely potent venom that causes
    1. Paralysis
    2. Necrotic Rot
    3. Hallucinations
    4. Seizures 
    5. Heart Attack
    6. Intense Pain
  91. Has an extremely excessive hunting hobby, their lair is decorated with hundreds if not thousands of trophies. Also a fan of lederhosen for some awful reason
  92. Has a supply of “Kill Me Com Back Stronger” pills they take every morning before bed, may or maynot be a placebo.
  93. Extremely toned and always half-naked. Poses menacingly. Their true masters are petrified in a stone pillar deep in its lair.
  94. Can manifest their bloodlust and psychic will as a powerful familiar spirit.
  95. Is a legend amongst nightclubs across the continent, as a DJ, purveyor of drugs, and a lover/dancer of exceptional aerobic skill
  96. Is actually a fungus driving a corpse, feeds by stabbing its victims with mycelium
  97. Has stored up enough dark energy to detonate as a blood-red atom bomb when staked, doesn’t necessarily advertise this. 
  98. Has a numerous but bumbling army of small homunculi that resemble crude clay versions of themselves.
  99. Is the CEO of a blood donation service or a charitable children’s hospital. 
  100. Fuck, its the Sacred Ancestor (Dracula, Caine, Whatever.) Y’all screwed

A ghostly figure is sitting at a table while in the background, two eyes emerge from the shadow

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