Guitar-o-Rama by Dylan Cornell


D2 Drugs?

  1. Yes
  2. Gratuitously 


D4 Renown

  1. Local Bars/Weddings
  2. Regionally Known/Cult Success
  3. One Hit Wonder/Major Label
  4. International Superstar


D6 Size

  1. Solo Act
  2. Duo
  3. Trio
  4. Quartet
  5. Shifting Backup Band + Crooners
  6. Full Orchestra


D8 Specialty Groupies

  1. Heavily pierced sirens with cryptic musical tastes
  2. A flock of hipster vampires, only into the most experimental of music
  3. A single three story tall ape (roll 1d8 on the rainbow+Octarine for fur color) 
  4. The Grateful Dead- a horde of chill pacifist mushroom zombies who feed on music
  5. A thousand thousand feral cats
  6. 1d100 of the Lead Singer’s Ex-Lovers
  7. BEES?!
  8. Illy disguised 5th dimensional intelligences wearing awkward flesh-suits
After Dark (180) by William King

D10 Genre -Roll twice and combine, duplicates become some -core subgenre

  1. Rock
    1. Alt Rock
    2. Visual kei/ Glam Rock
    3. Heavy Metal
    4. Punk
    5. Psychedelic
    6. Classic Rock
  2. Classical
    1. Chamber
    2. Art
    3. Regional Classical
    4. Marching Band
    5. Dance Hall
    6. Art-Nouveau 
  3. Country
    1. Cowboy
    2. Bluegrass
    3. Zydeco
    4. Honkey-tonk
    5. Rockabilly
    6. Traditional
  4. Pop
    1. Bubblegum
    2. Europop 
    3. Synth Pop
    4. Surf
    5. Operatic
    6. Electro-Pop
  5. Jazz
    1. Bebop
    2. Bossa Nova
    3. Ragtime
    4. Swing
    5. Smooth
    6. Improvisational
  6. Blues- Blues is the Mother of Jazz, Rock, R&B and others, Blues brings everything back to its older purer form. Double Blues is Blues so deep and so sad that tears flow just thinking about it.
  7. Electronic
    1. Drum & Bass
    2. Dubstep
    3. EDM
    4. Industrial
    5. Trance
    6. House
  8. R&B
    1. Funk
    2. Soul
    3. Gospel
    4. Disco
    5. Doo-wop
    6. Go-go
  9. Hiphop
    1. Crunk
    2. Gangsta
    3. Golden Age
    4. Trap
    5. Freestyle Rap
    6. Bounce
  10. Folk
    1. Protest
    2. Mariachi
    3. Filk
    4. Singer-Songwriter
    5. Medieval-style Ballads
    6. Traditional Folk Music
Dinosour by Animalcrew

D12 Manager

  1. TDH- The Devil Himself
  2. Emelia Von Gothe- ancient vampire countess, figured out how to live on applause rather than blood.
  3. Deep Flat- A chess AI program that decided music was much more of a challenge
  4. Zozo- The band uses a Oujia board for every managerial decision. 
  5. The lead singer’s manipulative family member
  6. A black cat with green eyes and a golden bowtie. Answers to Boss.
  7. Queen Titania/Mab- One of the Fairy Queens, maybe both
  8. Gary Oldman- Roll on his Filmography to determine persona
  9. Mad Marv- former used car salesman trying something new, *slaps lead singer* “ you can fit so many octaves in here!”
  10. Darryl- Long hair, balding top, stained hawaiian button up, tortoise shell sunglasses. Somehow found and rose to the top of the most famous bands you’ve never heard of.
  11. Goody Mooncup- Swampwitch, newspaper advice columnist, and, surprisingly enough, road manager
  12. Theodore “Rex” Grossman- Actually a T-Rex in a second hand suit. No one dares deny him a show.
Guitar Too Far

D20 Quirky Extra Instrument

  1. Hurdygurdy
  2. Nyckelharpa
  3. Dulcimer
  4. Kazoo
  5. Phallic Shaped Ocarina
  6. Saw and/or Washboard
  7. Spoons/Hameboning 
  8. Contrabass Balalaika
  9. Glass Armonica
  10. Wheelharp
  11. Zeusaphone
  12. Waterphone
  13. Pikasso guitar
  14. Jaw Harp
  15. Alphorn
  16. Melodica
  17. Bagpipe
  18. Vuvuzela
  19. Hyōshigi
  20. Trimba
Visual Kei Cyborg Guitarist 2 by Hoi Mun

D100 Quirks

  1. Lead singer is a skeleton, no one ever seems to mind or point this out. Also plays the xylophone.
  2. Whoops it was Ska all along
  3. When their music is played backwards, it is a load of nonsense. 
  4. Jimmy Buffet Cover Band
  5. Instruments are all “air instruments”, performances are done entirely in silence. At least one member of the band is a mime.
  6. Add additional niche genre
    1. Steampunk
    2. Sea Shanties
    3. Lo-fi/Chiptunes
    4. Electro-Swing
    6. Harsh Noise Wall
  7. Band wears monstrous costumes, might actually be their true forms
  8. All instruments are “upcycled” from household objects and vegetables
  9. Band entirely composed of puppets. 
  10. Only performs Kids Bop style covers of extremely explicit songs
  11. Band all has weaponized pompadours
  12. Band Members are all robots, combine into a single superbot for finales
  13. Band is composed of haunted ABBA-Esque costumes that possess unwary musicians.
  14. All instruments are Contrabass
  15. Learned the Pied Piper’s song, uses it to con audiences out of their money
  16. Lyrics have a 1-in-6 chance of summoning a demon each show
  17. Their music is, regardless of the content, cursed to be offensive to any audience.
  18. Band is cursed to never play the same song twice
  19. Band is cursed to only ever play a single song repeatedly 
  20. All band members are 1d4 goblins each in trenchcoats
  21. Band vehicle doubles as a food truck for their dayjob
  22. Used to be world renown, have dwindled into obscurity 
  23. Rock Paper Scissors before each concert to determine lead
  24. Always performs naked
  25. Band members all have secret identities, they don’t even know who each other are outside of sessions.
  26. The drummer is a wild nile crocodile that deathrolls an antelope over the drum set. 
  27. Lyrics are all in a conlang no one’s been able to decipher yet
  28. Weremusicians- transform into musicians on full moons
  29. Experimental phase, all music is played via pestering farm animals
  30. Music all has evangelical messages regarding a random deity
  31. Lead singer is Max Money, the biggest, friendliest guy around
  32. Lyrics are so intense that the lead singer must be replaced after every show for vocal cord injuries
  33. Does not produce vinyls or cassettes, instead produces Injectable Music.
  34. One Man Band- A horrible magic accident fused the band into a single terrible creature
  35. Band is made up of holograms controlled by a single programming DJ, at least until they gain sentience. 
  36. The Band knows the secret F Flat chord
  37. The band has an animal mascot and solves mysteries on the side.
  38. The band is cursed with immortality and will only be released from this earth once they obtain a platinum album
  39. The drummer dies tragically/comically (Flip a Coin) between each session and must be replaced. 
  40. The band’s primary mode of transport is
    1. A giant kangaroo, they and their equipment ride in the pouch
    2. A semitruck that unfolds into a stage
    3. A wagon train pulled by very strange steeds 
    4. A huge hamster ball they run in
    5. A fleet of blood-powered motorcycles
    6. A cannon
  41. The band is accompanied by a troupe of tap dancers.
  42. The band’s most popular song was actually stolen from hieroglyphs found on an ancient obelisk.  
  43. The band was born out of another band’s particularly bad experience with magic psychedelics 
  44. A band member is allergic to middle C and goes into sneezing fits whenever it is played
  45. A member of the band is a large gelatinous pyramid that vibrates as melodic frequencies 
  46. The vocalist has two heads, both of whom are trained in Overtone Singing
  47. A band member was the winner of a major televised talent show and then immediately faded into obscurity. Likes to regularly remind everyone of that.
  48. The band travelled here from the far future and use hideously organic instruments
  49. The band travelled here from the deep past and take Rock and Roll literally
  50. One member of the band is an internationally wanted criminal, uses the band as a front
  51. The band knows why every rose has its thorn and every cowboy has a sad sad song
  52. The band is composed of individuals who are otherwise superheroes/villains, but they don’t know each other’s secret identities. 
  53. The entire band are transforming magical girls people
  54. The band makes a bi-yearly pilgrimage to a deep place in the woods where all nordic thrash metals take their album photos
  55. The band was a bunch of schmucks until they were cybernetically enhanced, but now they’re owned by the Corporate Masters. They sold out to the Man, man!
  56. Their music skips the ears and goes straight into the brain telepathically. 
  57. All the music is pre-recorded, the “band” just dances and lip-syncs (Oops it was a boy band all along!)
  58. This band thinks Weird Al is the height of the musical arts
  59. The band has vowed not to shave until they make it to the #1 spot on the charts.
  60. The Chosen One is a member of the band, attempting to hide from their destiny
  61. The band is made up of various historical figures that don’t really fit together (Caligula, Abraham Lincoln, Boudica, and Paracelsius for example)
  62. The band absolutely WRECKS their instruments during each performance
  63. The band travels with a huge gacha ball machine that determines what instruments they use each performance
  64. The band is made up of familiars who ditched their wizards, most their songs are about how much wizards suck 
  65. This band is made up of wizards who were ditched by their familiars, most of their songs are pleas for their familiars to come back because they are terribly lonely
  66. This band’s music is terrible, but one of their instruments is unknowingly enchanted to cause listeners to dance.
  67. This band’s music vibrates with a frequency that causes teeth to rattle and loosen. They have a deal with the Tooth Fairy.
  68. The band plays so slowly that their primary audience are earth elementals and trents.
  69. All of the band’s instruments are nuclear powered and every time they’re on stage they have a new mutation.
  70. Their drugs are especially weird and they are totally on 1d6 of them during any show. 
  71. The band was lab grown to be perfect, however are incapable of taking care of themselves in any way off stage. 
  72. The lead singer only ever groans, “I Am Skeleton Jelly,” the crowd eats it up.
  73. The band’s music incites berserker violence in the crowds, the Mosh Pit becomes a sea of blood.
  74. Once summoned a lake troll with their music that laid waste to the countryside. Now the band has about twenty years of community service to do.
  75. Everyone in the band speaks with very bad swenglish accents
  76. Band is a barbershop acapella group that produces any instrument noises vocally
  77. All the members of the band but one have crippling daddy issues
  78. Yoü really feel all the Ümlaüts 
  79. One member of the band demands the band’s genre be referred to by a hyper specific term they came up with, or at the very least be referred to as 𝒜𝓇𝓉.
  80. A band member is a walrus and/or Eggman. 
  81. The vocalist does scatting regardless of any lyrics that are supposed to be in a song
  82. Only does bawdy pub songs.
  83. Includes a calliope in all their music, tends to have a creepy circus vibe.
  84. The band stands on stage silently and winds up a music box on a pedestal which plays their music.
  85. The Band’s instruments are powered by
    1. Love
    2. THC
    3. Ritual Goat Sacrifices
    4. Sex
    5. A small angry man on a treadmill backstage
    6. Raw crystalized music mined from the noosphere
  86. The band won a golden fiddle from TDH and he constantly shows up to challenge them again to get it back.
  87. The lead singer is the preserved head of Orpheus, 1-in-6 chance of breaking into prophecy in the middle of songs.
  88. The band thinks they can only perform well while inebriated, this is, in fact, completely the reverse. 
  89. The band only performs well while inebriated, but they are currently court ordered to abstain. 
  90. Their mascot is a 30’ tall cybernetically enhanced skeleton that they keep chained up on stage. It only sometimes breaks loose. 
  91. A member of the band is known by a one word moniker
    1. Roach
    2. Stab
    3. Share
    4. Marquis
    5. Bash
    6. Hackt
  92. Entire band is made up of zombies dressed up like a k-pop idol group
  93. The band actually doubles as a coven, very Riot Grrrl aesthetic (LINK)
  94. The band is so-so but their sign language interpreter fucking rocks out. 
  96. One of the members of this band is actually the Prince associated with the genre. They hope to make it big and fight for the title of King of Music
  97. The Band’s name was stolen by a Witch and replaced with something silly/awful
  98. All the band’s guitars are provided by a mountain-dwelling nun-punching master luthier of questionable morals and intense convictions. There is exactly one person in this world who will get this reference. You know who you are.
  99. Generate two bands, they are both composed of evil/good twins and are polar opposites (evil twin goatees and all). If they play at the same time there will be a musical anitmatter explosion.
  100. Re-roll three times and combine, these are the three bands that make up a super group. 


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