purple mushrooms


d2 Is it essentially a walking reproduction organ?

  1. Yes
  2. YES

D4 Sentience/Sapience 

  1. Non-Sentient/Mindless/P-Zombie 
  2. Basic Sentience
  3. Collectively Sapient through the Mycelial Hive Mind
  4. Individually Sapient, however can connect to a Mycelial Hive Mind

d6 Reproduction Method

  1. Spontaneous Spore Explosion 
  2. Constant shedding of spores
  3. Fusion with another life-form, take over their reproductive organs
  4. Take root, lose sentience, release spores, die.
  5. SPORE CANNON- Fires off a jet of spores faster than the Apollo 11 launch, looks like an especially explosive sneeze.
  6. Mimic the mammals, rub against other mushrooms, swap genetic material, REJOIN MOTHER MYCELIUM, produce mush-babies

d8. Civilization- This is not necessarily from most to least advanced or visa versa.

  1. No civilization to speak of, may act as individuals or as animals
  2. Hunter/Gather
  3. Horticultural/Pastoral
  4. Engaged in trade with local non-mushroom folk
  5. Confederation of multiple mycelium monarchs
  6. Nation-State
  7. Continent spanning interconnected underground civilization
  8. Intergalactic, they’re just having a little visit with us

D10 Preferred Diet

  1. Delicious Dirt
  2. Eat Sugar, Piss Alcohol
  3. Scrummy Old Wood And Leaf Litter Treats, Lignin is best
  4. Gimme Some Trash, Cigarettes And Diapers Delightful
  5. We Hunt The Mega-nematode 
  6. Hack Into Root System, Trade Some Tree Energy
  7. Symbiotic Chlorophyll Friends And Phosphorus (Cheese And Oysters Please) 
  8. Meatmeatmeatmeatmeatmeat 
  9. Weird glowy rocks (radiation and magic)
  10. Literally anything

D10 Shape

  1. Puffball with stubby legs
  3. Thin and tiny
  4. Huge cap on thin body
  5. Squat and wide
  6. Multiple heads/caps from one trunk
  7. Densely packed compost held together and moved with a mycelial film
  8. Like an inverted umbrella, water and things tend to accumulate in their cap
  10. Not dissimilar to a cluster of coral, hard to distinguish a “head”

D12 Feature

  1. Thick shaggy white mane that darkens to black as it ages.
  2. Gills that reach all the way down
  3. Bright iridescent cap
  4. Covered in lacy fungal veil
  5. Hundreds of fractal mycelial limbs
  6. Constantly drips a sticky colored milk
    1. Red
    2. White
    3. Indigo
    4. Octarine
  7. Has huge, intimidating fungal teeth. Might just be for appearances
  8. Has no legs, bounces on its stalk/stem
  9. Exudes an irresistibly delicious smell
  10. Is followed by orbs of foxfire
  11. Has a circle of “eyes” around its cap, 360 degree vision
  12. Can blend into a wooded environment exceptionally well

D20 What Happens When Eaten

  1. Slow Agonizing Death
  2. Fast Painless Death
  3. Slow Painless Death
  4. Fast Agonizing Death
  5. Severe nausea and intestinal distress 
  6. Paralysis
  7. Mild Hallucinations
  8. Intense Hallucinations
  9. UMAMI, counts as a ration
  10. Intensely Delicious, worth significant sums to gourmands 
  11. Fungal Take-Over
  12. Cured of all physical diseases and poisons
  13. Cured of psychological/spiritual diseases
  14. Removes ability to feel fear
  15. Intense feelings of love and connectedness with all living things
  16. Bioluminescent for 1d20! (exploding) hours
  17. Hyper-development of neural connections, +1d6 Int or Wis, permanent synesthesia 
  18. Loss of one of your senses for 1d6+1 Days
    1. Sight
    2. Smell
    3. Touch
    4. Taste
    5. Hearing
    6. Proprioception
  19. Telepathic connection to the Mother Mycelium 
  20. Astral Projection

Magic Mushrooms? NOT

D100 Quirks

  1. HUGE- 6m tall, conically shaped, small insects and animals make their home in it
  2. Decays into an permanent ink that is favored for inscribing spells
  3. Taking a bite makes you double or half in size until you take damage.
  4. Has a pack of 12 tamed badgers that follow it, to keep the snakes away
  5. Has a symbiotic relationship with giant ants
  6. Are highly protective of their smaller pinlings, have massive beefy fists to back this up (as a giant’s club)
  7. Mother Mycelium and its siblings are on the moon, this Mushroom is here:
    1. To learn more about this green world
    2. To seed this planet
    3. To meet with its earth-bound counterparts
    4. To trade with the meat-animals
  8. Can, if holding hands in a circle with two other Mushroom Folk, make a gateway into Faerie
  9. Causes intensely rapid putrefaction with a touch
  10.  Nervously sweats gravy when in proximity to a steak. 
  11. Taking a bite briefly gives access to all of the memories and sensations of the entire mycelium. 
  12. Glows brightly enough to light a 10 foot radius upon touch. 
  13. Gills ring and tinkle like windchimes when excited. 
  14. Has a small colony of tiny venomous spiders living within its cap.
  15. When under immense stress, the cap bursts with a repulsive stench. 
  16. Has the ability to hear any thoughts related to its consumption. 
  17. Has a green thumb– rapidly enhances the growth of any nearby garden
  18. Has grown inside of a corpse. It now controls the remaining bones and walks around using them as an exoskeleton. 
  19. Is always drugged by its own psychedelic side effects
  20. Has an unusually large _______ as a mount
    1. Praying mantis
    2. Millipede
    3. Cockroach
    4. Daddy long legs
    5. Rolly polly
    6. Snail 
  21. Has replaced it’s original mushroom cap with a 
    1. Bird’s nest filled with hungry chicks
    2. A plate from the nearest inn
    3. An old newsboy cap
    4. A tea kettle
    5. A traffic cone
    6. Another, smaller mushroom man 
  22. Constantly encourages others to rub their cap for “good luck.” May or maynot be spreading its spores
  23. Is light enough that it can use its cap as a parachute or a hang glider in high enough winds
  24. Has a perambulator full of soil and mushrooms. 50/50% of being normal mushrooms or baby mushmen
  25. Exudes a TERRIBLE smell
    1. Ass
    2. Onion armpit
    3. Old wet leather shoes
    4. Thioacetone
    5. Rotting Meat
    6. Rancid Cheese
  26. Wears a tiny crown made of twigs. Proclaims itself the king/queen/ruler of whatever location it travels to.
  27. Its moist smell constantly attracts a swarm of mosquitos. 
  28. Is a Mushroom Animal 
  29. Actively encourages people to partake of its flesh
  30. Bruises easily, but its soft squishy body is otherwise immune to blunt trauma
  31. A large specimen is being carried on a palanquin by four smaller specimens
  32. Can regenerate as a Troll
  33. Can regenerate as long as there is anything left of it
  34. Goes through its entire life cycle in:
    1. 1 year
    2. 1 month
    3. 1 week
    4. 1 day
  35. Tries to wear human clothing and blend in, but is terrible at it
  36. Is the current host to a portion of Mother Mycelium’s consciousness, possessing localized omniscience and vast powers 
  37. Can survive being completely dehydrated for many years in stasis only to awaken by being rehydrated
  38. Thinks secondary sex charactaristics in humans are hilarious
  39. Is technically a Rot Elemental
  40. Is on an epic pilgrimage to
    1. The Mushroom Mosque
    2. Aunt Mycelium, sister to Mother Mycelium
    3. The Mushroom Graveyard
    4. The Moon
    5. The Goblin Market
    6. The End of Time
  41. Really really wants to be an adventurer just like you.
  42. Is a strangely excellent dancer
  43. Grew on the corpse of a Witch; contains snatches of her memories, consciousness and subtle magic
  44. Grew on the corpse of a Wizard; is completely batshit and prone to stacking stones into towers and exploding
  45. Is the home to a unique species of insect
  46. Has Tinder Fungus in its lineage and is exceptionally flammable 
  47. Has a symbiotic relationship with an Ooze (Note to self make ooze generator)
  48. Can absorb large amounts of water to inflate to huge sizes
  49. Has Foot Fungus in its lineage and can run like an olympic athlete 
  50. Was born with an intense desire to find something 
  51. Is wearing exceptionally bulky armor to hide its fungal nature, might adhere to a bizarre chivalric code
  52. Can telepathically communicate with anyone who ingests its spores. 
  53. Wears a necklace of tiny desiccated mushrooms, won’t explain their purpose
  54. Can filter poisons and heavy metals through its body, may help a local settlement with contaminated waters
  55. Makes adorable noises, most attackers need to Save to hit it.
  56. Is electrified and causes electro-magnetic interference. Causes a lighting bolt upon death. Many mushroom folk can generate a storm.
  57. Grows from graveyards where they’ve been specifically introduced, local populace sees them as continuations of the lives of the deceased
  58. This particularly sulphurous specimen is a native to Hell, the final fate of all things that rot.
  59. Claims to be a gnome, even has a conical hat-like cap. Obviously is not a gnome–I mean unless gnomes are mushrooms, who am I to judge?
  60. Is void black, intruded into our dimension after a botched teleport or disintegration spell. They shed Black Hole Spores.
  61. Manifests a massive mustache made of mycelium…that’s it
  62. Always travels in packs of 1d20!, becomes highly distressed if far from its siblings
  63. Can release air from pores in its cap to create musical sounds
    1. Piccolo 
    2. Trumpet
    3. Trompone
    4. French Horn
    5. Tuba
  64. Has a jack-o-lantern type face carved into it and glows from within with bioluminescent light
  65. Eating a bite will make you fly for a full night. Terribly afraid of deer.
  66. Is hollow inside, but also much much larger. Let it swallow you to walk the Fungal Road.
  67. Looks exceptionally human except for the mushroom cap, knows secrets about divine beings and ancient blood magic.
  68. Can burrow through any organic or semi-organic material at high speed
  69. This mushroom wears an awful lot of leather, don’t ask where from.
  70. Has tiny angelic wings that may or may not work, their touch is fatal
  71. Has been disconnected from Mother Mycelium and is now a spy for the October King
  72. Is shaped like a twisted seven fingered hand, its presence attracts things.
  73. Was once a person before a red haired sorcerer turned them into this.
  74. Is painted up with clown make-up for some reason?
  75. Eating all of this mushroom man will allow you to come back from death once
  76. An aura of spores induce an intense reaction in living creatures, save or be affected by
    1. Lizard-Brain Fear
    2. An irresistible urge to dance
    3. Frothing violent rage
    4. Intense love
    5. Full body paralysis
    6. Ravenous hunger
  77. Is filled with people guts instead of mushroom guts
  78. Constantly seeps a liquid that acts as a random magical liquid.
  79. Has a random piece of strange loot from a terrible future
  80. Is sticky enough that it can walk up walls and across ceilings without issue
  81. Is able to form any simple tool by folding its hands/mycelium. This also includes most simple keys
  82. Man use its mycelium to puppet smaller creatures, Sav vs Magic to resist
  83. Lacks any sense of pain or self-preservation. When it is about to die, it instinctually latches onto the closing living thing and explodes (3d6 bludgeoning, 10’ area, save vs deafness) This spreads its spores as well
  84. Has been cut off from Mother Mycelium, is now an oozing host for The Orkus
  85. Cap looks like a 10 gallon hat, rides a Mush-Steed, herds Mush-Cows, deft at using his mycelium as a lasso.
  86. Speaks a constant stream of complex koans
  87. Can root itself to the earth and feel all movement within 1d100 miles
  88. Shrieks loud enough when startled to shatter glass and eardrums, as Shatter spell
  89. Is actually a juvenile Mi-Go
  90. Has access to a vast array of fungal super-tech, fungus guns, fungus cybernetics, fungus space ships etc
  91. Is actually the devolved monarch of a parallel world fought over by hyper-evolved mushroom and dinosaur people
  92. Lives most of its life as a dormant spore inside of an animal or person until conditions are right and it grows through their heads and takes control
  93. Has a diet made entirely up of paper and paper products, can recite any information written on any of its meals
  94. Is worshiped as a fertility deity by a local cult, it’s pretty confused by this but is pretty pleased with the attention.
  95. Has a very large toad sitting on top of it, will be very cross if the toad is removed
  96. Is affected by darkness and sunlight as a vampire, might subsist on blood and sap. 
  97. There are two Mushroom Folk who look exactly the same. One is delicious and one bite will change your life forever. The other would kill a dragon with just a lick. They don’t know which is which.
  98. Is a member of a strange psychedelic stoner metal band
  99. Is part of a Mushroom Adventuring Party, roll 3 more Mushroom Folk up, they may have player classes or at least thematic hats.
  100. Name as many mushrooms as you can from memory, roll on this table that many times
Mushrooms by Maxim Emeliyanov
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