1. The Golden Barge of Merkare was excavated from petrified remains of a Nebula-Asp. Further investigation was halted after the lead researcher was sublimated by a screaming iridescent ichor that flooded from the barge’s control room.
  2. The priesthood of Elwenlyl, The Tongue of Heaven, keep a pit in their great temple to which a portion of their every sacred feast is thrown. At the solstice, the pit is dredged and the burbling polyp is worshipped as part of a week long celebration before being eaten alive by the community. One shall be overcome and speak a Mandate from Heaven.
  3. It is traditional to fill the stone coffins of wise women with mercury. When their wisdom is needed again, an ampule is extracted and weighed against questions written on clay tablets. The elders are careful to not let the liquid wisdom escape, as it always returns as a blood-red Cinnabar Wife, their poisoned touch corrupting all they held dear in life.
  4. Backlash against Embryonic Stem Cells lead to a resurgence of alchemically grown homunculi, taxing both manure suppliers and sperm banks. Homunculi farms employ specialists to harvest them, the little buggers are cannibals and evolve at disturbing speeds as they consume one another.
  5. Liquid Privatives are a stable form negation. Some like Cold or Sobriety are well known among alchemists. Klopek the Unwise once distilled their own ignorance in an attempt to instantly become wise. The slow-moving tar however turned out to be infectious and had a taste for politicians. Liquid debt is also known to voraciously eat through economies, a particularly large one resulted in the modern movement away from the gold standard.
  6. Flying Ointment, made largely of Capsaicin and liquefied birdsong and is primarily used by witches, must be fermented for a period of one lunar cycle. Let it sit any longer and it levitates on its own. Several hundred thousand gallons of it floats over Siberia.
  7. The tendency for weird substances to suddenly animate into oozes has led to the belief in some sort of radiating cosmic force of vitality. The Light Hypothesis was cast down by wizards who noted many oozes lived entirely chthonic lifecycles. Given our body’s tendency to move in the presence of music, the Vital Rhythm Hypothesis is seeing popularity at the moment. 
  8. The Ear-Worm and the more aggressive Solfeggian Leech are both oozes that feed on noise, backing up the Vital Rhythm Hypothesis. The former lives in ear canals where it consumes background noise and excretes a pleasing albeit repetitive tune. The latter takes up residence in a host’s vocal cords and consumes very specific notes, leaving nothing but silence. 
  9. Octarin Patina is a sort of metaphysical rust that forms from magical weapons. Instead of rusting themselves, the rust is shunted to the wielder’s soul. Overtime the ectoplasm that connects the soul to flesh becomes disconnected. If allowed to fully progress, the soul will slump out of the flesh and seek a body of iron to animate.
  10. The debate about whether glass is a solid or a liquid is foolish. Glass is an ooze formed from the melted minds of miniscule earth-elementals that derive their energy from heat, any apprentice glass blower understands this. The glass in old homes only have the heat energy of the sun to power their slow descent.
  11.  An adult human, when put through a centrifuge at sufficient speed, will break down into 4 humours of approximately equal amounts: Blood, Yellow Bile, Black Bile and Phlegm. It has been found that these liquids, when sufficiently electrified, will react to stimuli in a manner approximating the original human’s preferences but a lens of exaggerated rapture, rage, melancholy or apathy respectfully. 
  12. Specialized oozes raised only on very bland nutrients for one year can be placed into a glass case and fed a single new material. This material becomes the focus of the ooze and it automatically points in the direction of the nearest source, a sort of Ooze Compass. 
  13. By drilling holes to a depth and placing appropriate bait, an ooze of sufficient size can be used to excavate complex tunnel complexes in a fraction of the time a normal workforce would take. This is a popular method for subways and dwarven pop-up colonies. 
  14. Through the application of minute amounts of raw troll grease, raw meat can be kept alive through the process of creating forcemeats and aspics. While this helps keep the meat much fresher for longer, it also provides an interesting dining experience as one’s meal actively wiggles. Too much troll grease is known to cause these dishes to grow legs and teeth and terrible appetites.
  15.  The Phantom Jelly is not in fact a phantom or a jelly but is fact a free-floating microscopic colonial organism. When atmosphere conditions and population density is correct, the individual organisms will produce a strong sticky silk, making it appear to manifest from nowhere as a large sheet-like ghost. The Phantom Jelly will capture prey before lifting into the atmosphere to digest. 
  16. With attention, care, and specialty designed growth-cages, an Ooze can be trained to assume complex shapes under certain stimuli. Wizards regularly use acid-resistant locks and trained ooze-keys. At least one ancient civilization used trained oozes as a means of storing information. 
  17.  Some fringe Elementalists have noted that Oozes have some qualities similar to very primitive elementals. Some have taken to belief that Oozes are in fact Life Elementals and are the baseline of all mortal life. The ancient seas were in fact not just a primordial ooze but in fact The Primordial Ooze. They are quick to point out that humans are at least 60% liquid and are thus barely above oozes already.
  18. It is well known that any inanimate object that is loved and cared for for 100 years comes to life. This is why particularly old distilleries never let their vintages age over 99 years. Ethylmentals are known to break open and consume every other barrel, ruining an entire production. This is why dwarvish brewers are heavily armed and use stone kegs. The particularly debauched enjoy drinking vintages just as they hit their 100 year mark, feeling that spark of life rise and die away in a gulp.
  19. Gloop!(™) is a well known ooze-based food staple on Gourmet Street. What many don’t know, however, is the experimental prototype Brain Flavored Gloop!(™) escaped into the sewers decades ago. It has spent its time growing and learning. Today it is a sphere approximately ten meters in diameter composed of brain matter and artificial flavorings, and it believes that it is on the cusp of a cosmic breakthrough. It is in fact about as smart as several score kindergartners.
  20. At the center of every Goblin Community is The Snot Goblin. Part scapegoat, part idol, part god, the Snot Goblin is a oozing manikin of vaguely goblin shape formed from the collective effluvia picked, spat, or blown from the clan’s orifices. Any crime or slight performed by any goblin is blamed on the Snot Goblin, leaving the rest of the clan blameless and non culpable for their doings. Though normally inanimate, the Snot Goblin will rise in defense of its clan in its most dire moment of need. Rival Goblin Clans will also fight using their Snot Goblins as proxies, the more powerful Snot Goblin will eat the lesser and the clans will similarly merge. 
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