Commission: d10 80’s Action Movie Settings for 3 2 1 Action

D10 80’s Action Movie Settings for 3 2 1 Action

  1. The mean streets of a city gone belly up as the criminal empire and the debauched police have joined hand-in-hand, abandoning all pretenses and showing their true colors.
  2. The deep recesses of a jungle lost to time, crawling with prehistoric monstrosities and nazis that somehow got here first.
  3. An abandoned space station orbiting around Io, formally used to harness the moon’s volcanic energy, has reactivated on its own and is blaring a distress signal to Earth. 
  4. Last day of a _____ ‘s career before they retire, when everything goes to shit.
    1. Investigator
    2. Doctor
    3. Riverboat Captain
    4. Secret Agent
    5. Rocket Scientist
    6. Janitor
  5. A fraudulent volcano insurance salesperson suddenly finds themselves knee deep in crap when not only the YellowStone supervolcano erupts, but Molemen show up as well.
  6. A crazy rich Texan oil baron hosts an insane helicopter jousting tournament to the death, the winner will be made fabulously wealthy. The rich bastard may also have hostages.
  7. In an alternate timeline, genetic manipulation technology is abused by the ultra wealthy to redesign themselves for fashion and entertainment. They’re planning on releasing the technology to turn the rest of the world into mindless thralls and must be stopped.
  8. A Martial Arts action star has a serious life threatening illness, and the only cure for it is protected by the ninjas who may have been the ones to have infected the star in the first place.
  9. In the not too distant future, the earth’s orbit has gone wrong and plunged the world into a deep ice age. It turns out that Sasquatch is behind it. Expect mutant mammoths.
  10. In a land of blood, sweat and steel, power is held only by those who can fight their way to the top– through oil wrestling.

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