Commission D20 Quests for Wayward, Enchanted, and Otherwise Misled Knights

Commission: D20 Quests for Wayward, Enchanted, and Otherwise Misled Knights

  1. On a quest to close the Ark of the Covenant that someone accidentally left ajar and now all the holy is leaking out.
  2. A sacred chalice has been stolen from the ancient temple your order was founded to protect. Said chalice belonged to the wrong messiah and actually has no magical or sacred properties to anyone but newts.
  3. The Prince/ss bid for you to seek out the Corners of the World to prove your love for them. The world is a circle, there are infinite corners you nit.
  4. Giant Windmills are so last century. The real enemies are those satellite dishes, beaming all of our information to the aliens. Those dishes are really alien bugs infesting the homes of innocent people!
  5. Somewhere on the Southernmost Isle there is a creature whose gall bladder can be rendered into a panacea. You followed the unfamiliar map precisely, so why is it snowing?
  6. The mascot of your order has gone missing and it is imperative that you find them to maintain morale. Said mascot is an especially ornery semi-divine dire goat.
  7. In order to be promoted from squire to full knight, you have been tasked to find and slay The Snipe. You poor bastard.
  8. “A curse upon you! A curse upon your horse! A curse upon everything you hold dear!” That is what they said to you and you pledged to take on any quest they wanted to not be under such a terrible burden. You’ve since been on these regular and demeaning fetches for someone who does not actually have the power to curse you.
  9. Your order collects the Million Stories that supposedly make up the whole of your patron Goddess’ being, it is your job to seek out and verify the million million apocrypha that may or may not be true.
  10. You have been tasked to defeat every bridge guarding knight in the world, however more than once you’ve cleared a bridge only to come back later to another knight guarding it.
  11. An oracle assigned geas-like quests to each member of your order upon their promotion from Squire to Knight, these quests each taking a lifetime to complete. When you were brought before the oracle they shrugged at you then went on to the next.
  12. They keep asking for another damn shrubbery!
  13. The immortal Chartreuse Knight, cousin to the Green Knight, keeps challenging you to battle and keeps losing because they’re terribly incomponent. But they just won’t stop coming back day after day.
  14. You are the last of your order and you have been cursed to be unable to permanently until all of your order’s incomplete quests have been fulfilled. And reincarnation doesn’t always give you the body best suited to your knightly duties.
  15. You are to bring the Man in the Moon down to your masters for questioning. You’ve been given a step ladder and length of rope to help accomplish this task.
  16. An old wizard in a cave gave you a sword and told you that a great struggle and a great destiny lies before you. They fell asleep before they could reveal more and nothing you’ve tried has reawoken them. 
  17. You’ve been tasked with delivering a precious relic to the town of Falling Rock. You keep seeing signs for Falling Rock in these mountainous regions, but you’ve yet to encounter the town itself.
  18. You are seeking the perfect steed to really be considered a Knight, afterall without a steed you are just another rando in armor. But all of your steeds are turning out…strange.
  19. The King-Under-The-Mountain was supposed to wake up in the time of your nation’s greatest need, which didn’t happen and now your nation is a wasteland. Where did that blighter hide themselves? You’ve got a thing or two to say to them about promises.
  20. Five seedy, vile looking viziers have tasked you with completing their Five Impossible Tasks in their Five Impossible Towers in order to claim the crown. Don’t ask where the current King/Queen is. 
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