GLOG Class: The Reclaimer, Plus A Delta

WARNING! This Class potentially holds spoilers for the Horror/Drama Podcast Ghost Wax

Reclaimers are or were the sanctioned necromancers of the Order of the Hamsa–an ancient organization dedicated to the elimination of supernatural threats to humanity. Reclaiming specifically is less its own school of magic and more a specific philosophy dealing with the application of Necromancy–using it to witness, give voice to, and protect the sanctity of the Dead.

Perk: You see through all aliases of any mortal you directly interact with, they cannot hide their True Name from you without the aid of great magics. 

Drawback: Even with great training, your mind has limited space. Start with a d100 countdown Memory Die, roll it every time you cast Speak with Dead. On a 1, swap the d100 for the next lowest die. Continue until you are down to a d4. When you roll a 1 on the d4 immediately take your 3rd Doom


  1. You never forget anything. Ever.
  2. Any corpse you Reclaim is warded against unwelcome spirits. Other corpses can be similarly warded with a 10 minute ritual
  3.  With the bare minimum of tools you are able to put a human body back into a recognizable form regardless of the trauma of their injuries–baring being shredded like Carl in the woodchipper in Fargo.


Spell List– You start with Speak with Dead/Reclaim Memory

Speak with Dead/Reclaim Memory

R: Touch T: Corpse D: [SUM] minutes

You call back the spirit of the dead to its corpse to recount to you its story–usually the story of how it died but relevant portions of its life may also be accessed. Unlike a Necromancer, who may forcefully wring out a handful of questions, this acts as a conversation directly with the spirit of the individual with all that entails.

 The spirit is not forced to cooperate with you in any way, so they may need to be convinced,  bargained with, or intimidated into speaking with you if they are not already otherwise willing.

During the Reclaiming, the memory of the spirit is written directly onto your brain, allowing you to hear and experience portions of the memory as though being experienced first hand. These memories can be transcribed, in a manner like scrolls, and experienced by others



R: Within Hearing  T: Single Creature or Spirit D: [SUM] minutes

As long as you interact with the target in a non-threatening manner, their emotions are calmed and muted. The target knows that their emotions are being muted and they may save to break the effect, but they cannot otherwise respond in a manner more threatening than a stoner that is four hits in on their favorite kush. Calm suppresses the effects of Fear, Rage, Ecstasy, Pain, Heroism or other similarly emotion based effects–but those effects come back once the duration of Calm ends. Calm may be cast for free as a part of Speak with Dead.  


Ward Space

R: Within View T: One Enclosed Space D: [SUM] minutes

A space is warded to bar the entry or exit of supernatural creatures in that space, affecting [DICE]*2[HD] worth of creatures. Knowing the true name of an entity increases the duration of the spell to [SUM] Hours. Investing 2 MD increases the size of the warded space to a small home. Investing 3 MD wards up to a small apartment complex or mansion. 4 MD can ward a large warehouse or a city block.


Extract Memory

R: Touch T: Living Thing D: 0

A creature you touch must save or you may remove up [SUM] hours of their memory memory. On a willing target you may remove a full week of memories for each round you remain in contact. The memories are imprinted onto your own mind. Keep a running total of the hours worth of memories you extract.  Roll your memory DICE for each day worth of memories you obtain this way.

Soul Sight

R: 30’ T: 1 Creature D: [DICE]*2 Rounds, Concentration

You are able to view into the systems of a living or dead body. Most mortal targets cannot resist, but more powerful supernatural targets can save to shrug off your sight. The target invariably feels your sight on them. Each round focused on a target the caster is able to detect one of the following:

  • The target’s emotional state
  • The target’s level of fatigue
  • A single condition or disease the target suffers/suffered from.

Investing 2 [DICE] allows the caster to detect one of the following each round

  • The presence of foreign objects in the target
  • The presence of foreign spirits in the target
  • The presence of enchantments/curses on the target

Investing 3 [DICE] allows the caster to detect the surface thoughts of a target.

Investing 4 [DICE] allows the caster to determine a single fundamental truth about the target, but only if they can remain concentrated for the entire duration of the spell. The target’s True Name, a single closely held secret, their heart’s one true desire, their greatest fear are all valid examples.


Mend/Putrefy Flesh

R: 50’ T: Creature or Corpse D: Instant

Nominally used by Reclaimers to mend the flesh of corpses, allowing them to instantly regenerate the flesh of a corpse back to an unblemished state. This is less exact when used on a living target, healing [SUM]/2 HP. The spell can be inverted to instantly reduce a corpse to a skeleton or high speed rotting a living creature, dealing [SUM] Damage.


Invoke Entropy – Inspired/Stolen from Iconoclasm, thanks Michael.

R: Touch T: Object or Structure D: Instant

The caster calls for tethers of Entropic Strands to take apart objects on a molecular level. 

The strength of this force depends on the number of [DICE] you invest; a single [die] is like a blow of a hammer (shattering a household idol or destroying a painting), two [DICE] is as effective as two people with tools (knocking over a man-sized idol, smashing open a locked door or chest), three [DICE] can do the work of ten men with pulleys and levers (toppling a 20-foot statue, collapsing a wooden building), four [DICE] are worth a dozen workmen and a full day (collapsing a stone building, shattering half an acre of woodland). 


Transfer Vitality

R: Touch T: Two or more Willing Targets D: Instant

The caster transfers the vitality between two willing targets, reducing the HP of one and healing the other for an equal amount. This can also transfer diseases, curses and similar conditions. This cannot regrow limbs or otherwise regenerate similar significant traumatic damage. Multiple targets linking hands can pool their vitality into a single target and spread the reduction between them. Alternatively a single target and permanently sacrifice something of significant personal value to regain their vitality–i.e. A farmer’s fields permanently wilt to heal their dying child. The dead cannot be brought back in this manner. 


Banish Spirit

R: Hearing T: Spirit D: Instant

By invoking the True Name of a spirit, it is banished back beyond the veil between the Mortal Realm and the World Beyond. The invocation automatically banishes spirits whose HD is lower than [DICE]. Possessive Spirits of up to [DICE]*2 HD are excised from their hosts but not necessarily banished. Banished spirits cannot attempt to re-enter the mortal realm for [SUM] Days.


Anchor Spirit

R: 20’  T: [DICE]x2 HD Sprit D: Permanent, 10 Minute Invocation

The Reclaimer’s answer to the traditional Necromancer’s Raise Undead. This spell balances on the thin edge between sanctioned and unsanctioned Necromancy and a Reclaimer can be significantly punished by the Order for misuse of this spell. Unlike a traditional Raise Undead, this spell (usually) binds a spirit to an object or location to let them physically interact but also restricts the movement of that spirit in a manner similar to a Dryad and her Tree. The anchored spirit also is not under the control of the caster in any way, but could potentially be reasoned and bargained with.


The type of creature created or bound depends upon the invested [DICE]:

1 [DICE] : 1-2 HD creature : A Faded Memory, A Stone Tape, 

2 [DICE] : 1-4 HD creature : Poltergeist, A Plateye

3 [DICE] : 1-6 HD creature : A War Spirit, A Gestalted Guilt

4 [DICE] : 1-8 HD creature : An Elemental Revenant, A Genius Loci, something impressively terrifying


A particularly dangerous and forbidden form of Anchor Spirit is called Rekindling, which requires the investment of 4 [DICE], special reagents and a specially crafted body/shell to house the spirit. The Rekindled[10HD+] spirit has had their soul reignited by a primordial flame of creation–they are an overwhelming font of power, a soul forged into a Weapon capable of Terrible Destruction. They are unbound, greater and lesser than the human they once were. Each is unique, each is terrible to behold. Why did you do this?


From The Brink

R: Touch T: Dead Target D: Instant

Touch a recently deceased (within [SUM] Minutes) and mostly whole individuals and bring them back to life. They retain any injuries that may have caused their death, so you must be ready to take care of those wounds or have them already stitched, cauterized or otherwise taken care of prior to resurrection else they may die again right away. Unlike Anchor Spirit, this brings the target truly back to life with all that entails. Those brought back, however, retain a tether to the World Beyond making them glowing beacons to spiritual and supernatural forces. Minor spirits and supernatural creatures will target them preferentially over others. Major supernatural entities may also take notice.


Call Death

R: Touch T: Vessel D: Lasts [SUM] Rounds

This spell fills a vessel with Death–the terrible wonderful purest essence of Ending. A target must in some way ingest the vessel, upon which time they save or die. Immortal creatures, or exceptionally powerful nigh-immortal creatures such as Dragons, are instead instilled with the concept of Mortality thereby negating all supernatural resistances that have held death at bay. They will age, they will fester, their adamant bodies will accept a blade just as well as mortal flesh.



  1. Ethereal recoil deals 1d6 damage to you.
  2. Temporary Necrosis spreads through your hands forcing you to drop anything you are holding.
  3. An intrusive memory fills your senses, stunning you for one round.
  4. The weight of the entropy floods your body, age 1d6 Years (or equivalent for longer lived races)
  5. Everyone in a 120’ circle around the caster (including the caster) must Save vs Fear/Morale/Similar or be sent into a disorganized fleeing panic for 1d6 rounds.
  6. Roll your Memory die three times.



  1. The traumatic memories of the dead weigh heavily on your mind. If you need to recall a personal memory, save or recall the memory of the dead instead. Your referee will fill it in.
  2. It has become taxing for you to focus on the here and now instead of dwelling on the memories within you. When you work magic, save or be left in a daze of memories and introspection for an exploration turn after the spell effect ends.
  3. Lose all distinction between yourself and the Memories that are held within you. Your mind splits, your head cracks, and a gestalt spiritual horror gushes forth amalgamated from all the terrors you’ve witnessed through your life.  


Ways to Avoid your Doom (for now): Discover a magical method to record memories (ghost wax recordings), fuse with a higher intelligence with greater memory capacity (Hamsa), pass on your Remembrances to an apprentice.


Δ CLASS: Hamsa

Available to anyone with the right soul. 

Δ Fuse your spirit with that of an immortal Hamsa.

Affect: Although you lose much of yourself you gain the knowledge of a semi-immortal spiritual…symbiote. Think like the Trill in Star Trek but the slug-thing is in significantly more control. Reset your Memory Dice to a 1d100 and gain an additional MD for casting spells. You age at a DRASTICALLY reduced rate but it is anathema for the Hamsa to remain fused to one human for very long.


A Hamsa Wizard can potentially cast spells with 5 MD, although such magics disturb the very fabric of reality. Please refer to this link regarding 5 MD spellcraft. 


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