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Lists & Generators D100+ Jojo Stand Generator D100+ Magic Swords Generator d100+ Vampire Generator D100+ Cottagecore NPC Generator Plus Magic Items D100+ Mushroom People D100+ Clowns D100+ Cottagecore NPCs Plus Magic Items d100+ Terrible Steeds D100+ Mecha Generator d100+ Obnoxious Wizard Generator Weird Bug Generator Lankhmar Generators for a Spicy Green Burger D100+ Tormented Locations […]

D100+ Weird Band Generator

  D2 Drugs? Yes Gratuitously    D4 Renown Local Bars/Weddings Regionally Known/Cult Success One Hit Wonder/Major Label International Superstar   D6 Size Solo Act Duo Trio Quartet Shifting Backup Band + Crooners Full Orchestra   D8 Specialty Groupies Heavily pierced sirens with cryptic musical tastes A flock of hipster vampires, only into the most experimental […]

Double Troll Commission: d6 Troll Shinies & d6 Troll Lairs

Troll Shinies This troll has just walked through What-ville and has stolen all of the Festivus decorations. Its body is pierced with 1d100 colorful spheres on hooks, 1d20 porcelain figurines, and 5d10 feet of blinking colored lights. 50/50 Chance of a red felt hat or a crystal star on top. This troll has dug deeply […]