The Holidays are a mess and a half so I’ve not been great at doing things here. Here are some of my drafts that are getting attention in little bits and projects underway where I can spare a moment. This is mostly to show y’all I’m not dead in the water here….

Blog Posts

Rathman Necromancer- I might not make any classes after this one. I still owe it to Chuffs so I’m going to make sure this thing is completed in a satisfactory manner one way or another. DONE 12/30/19 MERRY NARBLESNARD

Metalocales- I really liked my metaphigures post, I’m going to post up a bunch of Metaphoric Locations.

d100 Reasons to Adventure- Because I like making d100 tables, probably done before but its been helping me idle away my lunch half-hours.

Strange Diseases Picked Up While Adventuring- I’m actually excited about this one, weird class inspired diseases. Has the vibe somewhere between my Huffing Stuff drugs post and THE BOOK OF GAUB.

Elemental Knights- I want to do a d100 table of the Knights of the Periodic Table. I have a driving need to do this for some completely inane reasons.

72+28 Demons- Another d100 table, might be a list of summons, or enemies, or patrons, or some combination thereof.

OSR Lessons from Children’s Programming- Thoughts gleaned from watching my child watch PBS and such.

6 More NPCs from my Childhood- Because I accidentally did just guys in my first post.

House of Hours Play Report- I’ve finally got a couple of madbois on-board to let me run them through Arnold’s fun/sad/madhouse.


Lowcountry Crawl 2- Of course I”m doing a second one! Blame David for giving me the Zine bug.

Vile Vittles Vendors The Zine- Yup! I’ve got plans in the works to bring crazy street food to a campaign near you!

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2 thoughts on “Coming Attractions

  1. Your mention of Elemental Knights made me look up the Periodic Table and realize that a lot more elements in Row 7 have names now. They're all named after places or people, but at least there's more variety in the Halogen and Noble Gas areas. "Oganesson" is now King of the Elements!

  2. The Elemental Knights is one of those things that I get from delving into wikipedia regularly and being like, "Hot Damn Physics and Chemistry are so cool!" And then quickly realizing that my mental capacity for understanding either is terribly limited.

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