Zine Quest 2 Gourmet Street: Fantasy Street Food Adventuring!


Ah, the humble street food vendor. How often you play a key role in our hearts (and arteries) and yet how rarely we really get to know you beyond exchanged coin and dipping meat juices. The likes of Cut Me Own Throat Dibbler of Discworld, Turkey and Goosehead of The God of Cookery, Mr. Kim from Fifth Element, Rao Tsur of Gone Away World, The White Dragon Noodle Bar from Bladerunner, and the myriad stinking stalls that populate the streets of Throne in Kill Six Billion Demon. These places and people immediately add personality, possibility and food poisoning to any scenario. Be it a one eyed hunchback selling questionable sausages or be it a manic cleaver twirling woman making “Assorted Noodles,” these are the people who know the pulse and stomachs of the locals best and any wise adventurer knows that sometimes it is worth risking a tapeworm (or two) to get to know these people.

Gourmet Street is a setting that can be plopped directly into any world or adventure and serves up an extra side of gonzo fantasy. Populated with street vendors serving every possible food you can conceive as well as a fascinating accouterments of culinary artifacts, edible monsters, and bizarre dishes. However, under the greasy facade of delectable dishes, a war is brewing. Food-factions wage secret war in the smokey shadows and slippery alleys, vying for power and struggling to make their own culinary manifestos the main dish of Gourmet Street

  • A New Setting! – Gourmet Street, a collection of scattered and bizarrely connected alleyways, it seems to pop up in any settlement large enough to begin thinking of itself as a city. Stacked high in wood carts, laid out on intricate rugs, swimming in a myriad of sauces, food is the name of the game on Gourmand Street.
  • ONE MILLION Food Vendors and Menus! – Never eat the same thing twice! Generate from 8,000 possible unique food vendors and LITERALLY ONE MILLION possible dishes; ranging from Soft-shelled Crabman Sandwiches with Tzatziki sauce and Egg Coffee, to Myconid Zapiekanka in Pesto with a shot of Absinthe!
  • Food Factions! – From the hyper-radical (and slightly deranged) Neuvo Gastro-Alchemists, to the fanatical and militant Vinegar Knights, the food factions each come with their own wants, goals, and boons, IF you choose to serve them…
  • A One-Page Adventure: ESCAPE FROM GOURMET STREET! Help a pair (or trio) of star-crossed lovers escape from Gourmet Street in a Snake-and-Ladders inspired chase! Fend off rival lovers, food cart brawls and escaped dishes as you dash through the alleys of Gourmet Street!
  • And More! Monsters, magic items, and cookbooks for both Players and GMs to use and abuse!

Hello all! My name is John Gregory, better known among y’all as TheLawfulNeutral of the UnlawfulGames blog. I have a keen and driving interest to bring weird and wonderful inspirations from the world around me to the RPG world. From tables galore to creatures aplenty, I try to create an air of delightful whimsy to everything I do. Last year I brought you inspirations from my childhood home with Lowcountry Crawl. For my inaugural Zinequest project, I am happy to present Gourmet Street, fueled by my long time love of cooking, culture, and the characters who make it real.  

 Heyo! Name’s Charlie Ferguson-Avery, an illustrator based out of rural Pennsylvania. I’m a lover of food and cooking, especially cheap and accessible street food. Currently I’m the lead artist for World War Occult and creator of Into the Wyrd and Wild. While I’m currently operating under the label: “that guy who does all of the sad and scary illustrations,” I’m very much a fan of gonzo, whimsy and levity; especially in role-playing games. With any luck, I’ll get to do some more whimsical and fun art (in addition to my scary-sad stuff)!

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