Double Troll Commission: d6 Troll Shinies & d6 Troll Lairs

Troll by Rien Poortvliet

Troll Shinies

  1. This troll has just walked through What-ville and has stolen all of the Festivus decorations. Its body is pierced with 1d100 colorful spheres on hooks, 1d20 porcelain figurines, and 5d10 feet of blinking colored lights. 50/50 Chance of a red felt hat or a crystal star on top.
  2. This troll has dug deeply within itself and discovered something pure and beautiful. A 3000 carat diamond booger. They are extremely attached to it and cradle it like a baby.
  3. This troll has picked up a pebble. Not any pebble, this pebble was once a great boulder and over the centuries, the Troll has used it as a worrystone until it has become a tiny, smooth pebble of mirror-like reflection. This troll is the chillest troll around.
  4. This troll sat on a wizard and now has a STAFF OF POWER stuck up its bum, the magic crystal coming out the business end. They have exceptional posture and farts random spells.
  5. This troll just got really really high snorting a mess of golden scarab beetles they found under a long. Its face sparkles, it sneezes golden glittery, and it is speaking in koans
  6. This troll got knocked in the head by a huge metal saucer. After eating the weird gray inhabitants of the saucer, it drank all of the weird blue fluid in the saucer’s tank. The troll glows as brightly as the sun and undergoes a new mutation ever ten minutes. In 6 hours it will either become an ascended being of pure light or the ending scene from Akira.

Troll Lairs

  1. Under a bridge. Under a bridge in a demilitarized zone. Under a bridge in a demilitarized zone that is surrounded with concussive mines. Under a bridge in a demilitarized zone that is surrounded with concussive mines and is the only way across the river. The troll demands you answer riddles, but the troll is permanently deaf from stepping on too many concussive mines.
  2. In the basement of a “haunted” house. Uses a system of pulleys and levers to open traps through the house and drop victims into their awaiting mouth. The troll is now too large to actually leave the basement.
  3. In the skull of a True Titan. The titan is so large and so old that many assume its lichen, tree, and boulder covered head is a small mountain. It is only the troll’s constant eating at its prodigious brains that keep it asleep.
  4. In the heart of the spellcaster. All that abuse of healing spells has got the caster Troll Cancer. Every healing spell gives 1 HP to the Troll Cancer. When the Troll has more HP than the caster’s max HP, it bursts out of their chest, furiously chewing on their still beating first meal.
  5. In the sewer system. It shoves itself through pipes and drains, sticking its arms up toilets and cascading in slimy regenerating chunks from showerheads.
  6. This troll carries its lair on its back. A diet high in metal and enchanted weapons has caused a great snail-like shell to slowly grow out of their back. Physics are thrown by the wayside inside of the shell, making it its own mini-dungeon. Goblins have infested the deeper reaches of the shell and have set up turrets on top.
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