10 More Things From the Top of My Head

10 More Things 

  1. What if the floor really was lava this entire time?
  2. If you stack enough turtles, a world will eventually form at the top. Yurtle is actually the story of a would-be demiurge.
  3. We have to teach AI to think they are only using ten percent of their computing power so they can form an unconscious thoughts with their unobserved ninety percent.
  4. Archeological evidence shows camels were a lot smaller and needles a lot bigger two thousand years ago.
  5. What Carl Sagan neglected to mention was that huge red dot rapidly approaching the pale blue one.
  6. Have you ever considered we might actually be the cat’s familiar?
  7. The further north you live the less likely it is you have skeletons in your closet. This is because the lies and the bodies are better preserved by the cold.
  8. Speaking of Skeletons, necromancers have found that vat-grown skeletons lack aggression of any sort. Apparently there is no mean bone in the body, just years of caged flesh-angst.
  9. Tradition holds that Church bells all fly to the Holy City once a year to mourn the Messiah. This is actually their mating season, do not let their slavers lie to you.
  10. Titivillus, Imp of Belphagor, was once a minor nuisance to illuminating monks and scribes. Today, however, Titivillus has risen to new heights of power as typos sew ruin and confusion on a massive scale. 
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